20 Closet Hacks For People Who Have Way Too Much Shit

If you’re huffing and puffing while trying to stuff your endless pieces of clothing in your closet, you probably have too much shit. Don’t worry – there are plenty of people right there with you – and I’m sure you could all benefit from studying this list. Here are 20 closet hacks for increasing your closet space!

1. Use your dresser.

If it can be folded – t-shirts, jeans, and pajamas – put it in your dresser. This will give you a lot more closet space than you might think.

These closet hacks create tons of space!

2. Learn the fold.

Fold your clothes efficiently to make more room for more clothes!

The perfect closet hack to organize and create more closet space!

3. Hang with soda can tabs.

Soda can tabs can be placed on the hanger so another hanger can be hung off of it. That way you’re double hanging, but your clothes can easily be separated while taking up half the space!

The perfect closet hack to organize and create more closet space!

4. Hang with shower curtain rings.

These rings can be utilized in many ways to ensure you’re efficiently using your closet space. One way they can be used is by attaching the ring to a hanger and hanging clothes off of the ring, just like the soda can tabs.

Secondly, shower curtain rings can be used to hang tank tops on, and you can fit many tank tops on one hanger if you hang them this way. You can also hang shorts and jeans off of the shower rings by their belt loops.

Thirdly – shower curtain rings are really a great product to have, if you can’t tell – the rings can also be used to hang accessories like belts and scarves.

6. Hang with s-hooks.

Use s-hooks to hang directly on your closet rod for your jeans and shorts.


7. Hang with chains.

You can hang chains on hangers from an S-hook and insert hangers into the chain links. This allows for multiple clothes to be hung off of one chain, and many chains can be hung off a hanger.

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8. Hang with Command Hooks.

Command Hooks can be used for many things. You can place them on the inner walls of the closet to hang hats, scarves, jewelry and other accessories. You can also hang them on your closet door or around the room to hang jackets or towels.

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9. Install a second rod.

This grants you more space to hang your clothes. If you have the ability to stagger rods, install a third to create even more space.

10. Install a tension rod.

If you can’t install a second rod, you can use a tension rod instead! You can also use tension rods at the bottom of your closet to create a shoe rack.

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11. Hang an over-the-door shoe organizer.

You can hang this shoe organizer on the inside or outside of the door. You can use it for shoes, socks, accessories, whatever will fit!

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12. Hang an over-the-door-mirror.

This also eliminates space taken up in your room and you can hang it alone or on the opposite side of the shoe organizer.

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13. Use a tie hanger.

A tie hanger can be used for ties, but it can also be used for tank tops and scarves.

14. Hang your bras.

This may seem counterproductive, but hanging all of your bras on one or two hangers will open up drawer space for items that take up more room, like sweaters.


15. Create a hanging wire shelf.

Create a wire shelf by purchasing a wire mesh sheet from a hardware store. Make sure it is relatively lightweight, but sturdy. Add hooks to hang over your closet door. You can hang your heels and use hooks to hang accessories.

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16. Hang with clothespins.

Use command strips and rope to make a small clothesline in your closet for leggings, scarves, and other lightweight clothing. You can also hot glue clothespins to a piece of wood and install hooks on the back to hang it over the door.

17. Do not use bulky hangers.

Try to avoid padded and wooden hangers. They take up more space than he thinner ones and do not allow your clothes to be as close together as possible.

18. Use decorative storage bins.

These can add to your room aesthetic while also serving a functional place to store some folded clothes, socks, underwear, etc.

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19. Use stackable storage bins.

These can sometimes be more practical than decorative bins if you have a limited amount of space.

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20. Store out of season clothes.

If you aren’t going to wear it, put it in storage. Leave it at your parent’s or put it in a bin under the bed.

If you have applied most – if not all – of these hacks to your closet and you still have shit without a place, you probably need to re-evaluate what you came with and start purging. Happy closet hacking!

Do you have any other closet hacks for creating more space? Let us know in the comments!

Use these 20 closet hacks if you have too much shit
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