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25 Clever Gift Ideas For Coffee Lovers

25 Clever Gift Ideas For Coffee Lovers

Got a pal who is obsessed with coffee? Take a look at this list of 25 clever gift ideas for your friends who love coffee to find the perfect present!

For the purpose of this blog we will call the person who is obsessed with coffee the “Craver”. They crave the caffeine, the aroma, the idea, the memories, the bliss, the very last drop until there is no more. And, can we really blame those who love coffee? Whether you’re looking for iced coffee lover gifts or coffee gifts for those who enjoy it hot, here are 25 clever gift ideas for coffee lovers! (I’m sure you can name a few…)

1. This clever coffee mug that will do all the talking for you in the morning.

When the Craver reaches deep into their cupboard to retrieve their favorite mug, why not help them out by giving them one that will brighten their day and make for a good photo-op?

2. …Or this mug if you’re really not a morning person at all.

Vodka…coffee…basically the same thing. Definitely one of the most relatable gift ideas for coffee lovers.


3. Another great option for people who don’t socialize before their first cup.

Make sure you don’t get approached until you’ve taken enough sips to function.


4. This adorable shirt to support your friends’ obsessions.

HELP THEM EMBRACE IT. It’s not just about the consumption, it’s about the profession of their true love. These are necessary gift ideas for coffee lovers!

5. This Motivational Travel Mug

Sometimes you just need a little reminder of what you’re capable of. Especially after a morning cup of coffee.


6. A proper way to store your iced coffee.

Sometimes a piping hot cup of coffee isn’t always appealing. Help them make their own “iced-coffee” by giving them a glass jar so they can pre-brew the coffee and chill it in the fridge overnight.


7. A fancy milk frother for the artistic coffee lovers.

Who doesn’t love a little steamed milk on top of their latte? I bet your Craver does. Not only does it taste like sweet whipped gold, but it is also fun to sip off.



8. A classic Keurig is essential to today’s coffee craze.

We can’t have this article without including one. The most proficient way to brew a personal cup of joe.

9. Any proper coffee lover needs these socks.

ALERT ALERT! These are life-savers. Just get a little reusable k-cup so the Craver doesn’t have to throw away plastic every day. Plus they can choose to fill it with any coffee they desire.


10) A Coffee…Prescription

If they drink as much coffee as I’m guessing they do, then this is the perfect mug. Just what the doctored ordered!

11. A Stirring Spoon

Preferably for those who like to drink their coffee black.

12. This gorgeous piece of wall décor.

If you hang pictures of the PEOPLE you love in your home, why not hang pictures of the THINGS you love in your home? These crafty pieces are the perfect way to cozy up a room. If you are looking for the perfect gift to help your coffee-loving friend decorate, is the place to go. They have plenty of options for under $20!


13. Caffeinated Coffee Lollipops for our friends who love coffee but not to drink.

Could there be anything better than coffee lollipops? No. The answer is no.

14. These scrumptious chocolate-covered coffee beans.

One word- yum.


15. This coffee trivia game for those intellectual coffee lovers.

Why not put their love to the test and see if they are actually as infatuated with coffee as they say to be?


16. This coffee ice cube tray so your coffee doesn’t get watered down.

Standard is boring. Get them this really adorable ice cube tray so they can freeze their coffee. No one likes iced coffee AFTER the ice melts and its basically watered down grinds.

17. A vacuum seal coffee jar for those who prefer fresh grounds.

Can you think of a cuter way to keep your beans or grinds neat, fresh and tasty? This little jar would look great on the counter or in a cabinet!

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18. A trendy K-Cup holder.

This is practical as well as aesthetic! Is it a trendy new piece of artwork or a Keurig coffee pod holder? Guess it can be both!


19. This self-stirring coffee mug.

I mean wow. Having the sugar settle on the bottom is inevitable, but not with this self-stirring mug that keeps it swirling!

20. A delicious smelling coffee-scented candle.

The warm aroma is something that everyone loves. Take them straight from the café into their living room with the sensational sent of java. It’s like having your nose to the mug.



21. A beautiful, minimal statement necklace for fashionistas who love coffee.

They say you can wear your heart on your sleeve, so why not wear your addiction on your neck? This is a stylish alternative to let people know your true love. These necklaces are such cute gift ideas for coffee lovers!


22. Some coffee scented sugar body scrub.

Coffee energizes and relaxes you.

23. This coffee bar kitchen decoration piece that is also very practical.

So chic, so clever and so cite. This is a great way to decorate while making it easier for the Craver to brew a piping pot.

24. These customize-able coffee stir sticks are perfect for any party favor or every day use.

Get clever with it! Not all stir sticks are drab wooden toothpicks…some are actually really adorable and even customizable.


25. Chew on these coffee gummies if you need a caffeine boost in less time.

The Craver doesn’t just have to DRINK the coffee, let them EAT it too.

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


What are some other awesome gift ideas for coffee lovers? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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