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Why Clemson University is the Greatest School on Earth

Keep reading for reasons why Clemson University is the greatest school on earth!

1. Clemson University brings you more than just a network of connections, it brings you a family.

The spirit of the Clemson Family is visible far past the days when the stadium echoes and the only colors you see are orange and white. It is there past the football excitement and sports championships and is a real factor in the lives of Clemson’s students, facilities and alumni. You can feel the connection of its people through the daily comradery of its students to its visual representation with Solid Orange Friday. The Clemson family looks out for one another’s well being as well as future success, building a connections far deeper than just a possible job network.


2. Clemson allows you to experience a variety of culture lumped together within one small piece of South Carolina.

With the national recognition that Clemson has as a top public university, as well as the recognition that followed the success of our division 1 sports teams, Clemson is becoming a household name across the country. This means students from all across the nation are applying and attending here, allowing for a diverse student body that can expand your social network to across the fifty states. The people of Clemson are friendly, open and exciting; finding friends and keeping friendships come as easy for both in-state and out of state students.


3. Clemson University enjoys one of the most beautiful campuses.

Whether you’re walking across Bowman Field and get to admire Tillman Hall or are behind Cooper Library and see the state of the art Watt Family Innovation Center lit up, the beauty of Clemson’s campus is inescapable. Enjoying four years on such a well-maintained campus as well enjoying the surrounding natural beauty of South Carolina’s Lake Keowee, Lake Hartwell and the Blue Ridge Mountains is a gift, to say the least.


4. The fact that once you go to Clemson, it stays a part of you.

As fun as four years of college might be, most seniors are ready to leave their small college towns in search for the next bigger, better chapter. While Clemson seniors are excited for their next step as well, there is a sadness to graduating Clemson that is felt in the final weeks of each semester. After spending the best four years of your life in this town, leaving it will have to be one of the hardest things you will have to do. The memories, the atmosphere, the mentors and the family that have made this school as special as it is is not something that you can walk away from once that diploma is in your hand. Clemson alumni remain a vibrant part of the community and continue to support the growth of its students and resources in order to give back all that Clemson has given them. With one of the strongest alumni networks of any university, the sentiment that Clemson is forever rings true for many students and graduates.


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5. At Clemson you’re getting a top tier education.

Clemson is more than just football. We’re a top 21 public university with a number 1 ranked career services department according to The Princeton Review. That means more bang for your buck; a university that cares about your well being after you graduate is a great place to be in. As scary as college might seem to a freshman, the real scare lies in graduating four years later without a job, something Clemson tries to avoid by giving you the resources necessary to find one and the knowledge to succeed.

6. The Saturdays in the Fall are unforgettable.

Nothing will beat the excitement of a Saturday in the fall as the town is washed over in orange and purple. Whether you spend the day with working with Central Spirit or enjoy the day-long tailgating with friends, everyone comes together for those 25 most exciting seconds of college football. The smell of bbq fills the air and the sound of country music is around every corner of the town and campus.

7. Our students are some of the happiest.

Apart from being ranked 7th by the Princeton Review with “happiest students” in the nation, you notice the happiness of the students by just taking a walk around campus. With an abundance of activities both on campus and off campus, there is never a shortage of things to do to keep oneself not only busy but having fun. You can feel the positive vibe all around campus, except maybe Cooper library on finals week.


8. Where else can you wear orange and purple together and get away with it?

School spirit is so much more than just a small aspect at Clemson, it’s ingrained in the university’s culture. School spirit runs deeper than just the sports teams, it encompasses a variety of daily student activities and is difficult to ignore. Clemson bleeds orange and purple.

9. You get to enjoy some of the friendliest people.

Clemson is a family and invites all to join. Clemson is consistently ranked one of the friendliest universities; in a Huffington Post survey the university ranked 4th nationwide. There is something to say for Southern hospitality where this small town can make any person from Massachusetts to California feel welcome and involved.
What are some other reasons why Clemson University is the best school on earth? Comment below and share this article with friends and fellow students!

What are some other reasons Clemson University is the greatest school on earth? Comment below and share this article with friends and fellow students!
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