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15 Clear Crossbody Purses That Actually Look Cute

15 Clear Crossbody Purses That Actually Look Cute

Clear crossbody purses that are actually cute? Yes, you heard that right. Here are our best picks for clear bags that will go with any outfit.

Looking for clear crossbody purses for this fall? The new clear bag policy is spreading fast through athletic events anywhere. While the specific rules of each policy may depend on what organization your team is affiliated with, the standard set up is that bags must either be clear and smaller than 12″ x 6″ x 12″ or, if not clear, small clutches around the size of a hand. So if you want to bring in any bag that’s actually capable of holding your stuff, you’re gonna want something clear. In light of this, lots of stores have started to produce genuinely cute, clear bags you can bring with you into any stadium without ruining your outfit. Check out these 15 clear crossbody purses that are actually cute!

1. This Guess Bag

Guess is one of the few brands that offer a clear bag to fit the restrictions. This backpack choice is very early 2000s in the best kind of way. It’ll go great with your cut up shirt and choker on game day. This is a super cute option when looking for clear crossbody purses!



2. A Gold and Clear Envelope Style

If you want something that fits your normal style, this clear and gold crossbody does the trick. It’s simple and can match any outfit. Plus this fun Etsy shop lets you get your initials monogrammed on the outside for an extra cute touch. A super cute option when going for preppy clear crossbody purses!


3. A Messenger Bag with Leather Strip

If your less into the cutesy or monogrammed, this classic messenger bag with a light leather strap may do the trick for you. Imagine all the clear colored in and it’s a super cute retro purse that goes great with any classic or boho outfit. This purse is exactly the same, just…clear.

4. Something Sturdier

If you like a little more glam in your purse stylings, go with this acrylic option. It’ll stand a little more steady than the plastic-y material of most clear purses, and the gold chain and clasps make it extra Blair Waldorf. We love this option for clear crossbody purses!


5. A Customizable Clutch

This purse is perfect for game day. Not only is it light and easy to carry (check that comfortable strap), while still holding all your essentials (money, phone, lipstick, duh), but you can get it customized with your favorite school spirit phrase or even the name of your sorority. Brand your purse with whatever you love and hit the tailgate.



6. Clear and Circular

A circular purse style is just plain fun and it’ll set your look apart, while still adhering to those clear bag guidelines at every sporting event. Not to mention, this one is all clear and silver, so it goes with literally anything.


7. Clutch Included

I’m in love with this glam option from Francesca’s. The clear outline is modeled after one of the most classic purse silhouettes and it comes with a cute bonus clutch inside. That way you don’t have to keep the entire contents of your wallet just swimming around in that clear abyss.



8. Something Basic

If you’re a nno-fusskind of girl, go for this basic bag. It’s clear, you can pick your favorite color, and it totally gets the job done. You’ll be comfortable wearing it and it’s the perfect size to hold all your necessities without weighing you down.

9. All Clear

Forget having a colored or a chain or a leather band. This purse went all the way with the clear, and honestly it’s fantastic. The outline is still that of a super cute and classic messenger bag, but it’s totally clear, giving the whole look such a fun and quirky vibe.


10. Holographic

Um, I’m sorry? Is your clear bag actually rainbow? This holographic purse from Etsy is such a game changer, but I’d say beware. Buying this look, you may be risking not fitting the guidelines just right. You won’t know until you try to actually get in. But I mean technically you can still see inside!

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11. Go Glitter

This crossbody purse style is perfect for large crows. The slim bag hugs close to your body, so you don’t have to worry about pickpockets, and it’s light and easy to carry. Plus hellooo, there’s glitter. The. clear. bag. has. glitter.


12. Tassels

Another fun twist on the clear bag: tassels! You don’t have to sacrifice any of your quirky, bo-ho purse loves because this option still fulfills all those needs. Plus it too comes with an extra clutch inside for keeping things organized.


13. Think Pink

Okay, a little danger here again if whoever’s checking bags declares it not clear “enough,” but I think this might actually be worth the risk. It’s just so damn adorable. Pink and sparkly and still translucent? My inner Lizzie McGuire wants.



14. Small and Sparkly

Another super fun option, this time with confetti sparkles! In size, you’re basically working with a clutch here, but it still comes with the long chain so you can hang it across your body and keep your hands free. And there’s still enough super cool space to bring your main essentials.

15. Classic

Or just go with what you know. A golden chain and clasp, a tan outline–somehow even with a clear body this purse is just plain cute and elegant. Not to mention it comes in a variety of basic colors and also has a monogramming option. You can’t go wrong.


Your style doesn’t have to be limited this football season by the new bag rules. Even in clear, there are options for every kind of girl. What clear crossbody purses did you like? Let us know in the comments below!

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