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10 Of The Classiest Christmas Tree Decorations You’ll Ever See

10 Of The Classiest Christmas Tree Decorations You’ll Ever See

Christmas tree decorations are, more often than not, the focal point of any tree during the holidays. The way you decorate a tree says a lot about your home and your personal tastes. Here are 10 classy Christmas tree decorations to try out this holiday season. 


These Christmas tree decorations are common on many trees. If you want a more traditional, yet classy approach, grab some ribbon and wrap it around your tree, going diagonally as you go down the tree. 

You can always change up color halfway down the tree. To do this, grab a ribbon short in length and use it to wrap around the top half of the tree. Hide the end piece in the branches at the back of the tree and start the next color where the other one ended. Doing this will give a clean transition from one color to the next. 

Another approach to using ribbons is to rest one section of the ribbon around the top of the tree and let the rest of the ribbon length to flow down the tree in the front. This will make the tree look like it’s wearing a scarf while showing off other ornaments placed around the ribbon. 

Ribbons can come in different colors and fabrics. Choosing one above another is all about the aesthetic you are going for and the types of ornaments you plan on using with the ribbons. 

10 classy Christmas tree decorations


Christmas tree decorations usually focus on the ornaments, the lights, or the star. But Poinsettias give an extra classy feeling as it brightens up your tree and the other decorations around them. 

Poinsettias are typical Christmas decorations that are rarely seen on a tree. Usually, they are used to brighten up a table or in the corner of a room. But they do the same job on a tree as they do on a table, only you don’t have to worry about finding a pot to put them in. 

These flowers are typically fake, especially when used for decorating. They usually come in red but can come in different colors. If you do choose to go with a different color poinsettia, you might need to go to a craft store during the holidays, or just before the season begins. 

Different colored Poinsettias can add to the aesthetics of your tree, depending on the color scheme you decide to go with. For example, if you wanted a black and white color scheme, then finding a black or white Poinsettia will look classier than the usual red one. 

10 Classy Christmas tree decorations


Silver with pops of light blue

Classy Christmas tree decorations have a lot to do with the color scheme you decide to go with. The traditional way is sticking to red and green, but you can go non-traditional and still be classy. One way is to go with silver and light blue decorations. 

The trick to making both colors stand out and not have the blue overshadow the silver is to have more silver than blue. You will want to do this because colors like blue tend to stick out more than ones like white. 

The bigger the colored decorations the better. Especially when you are trying to make the silver pop out more. The decorations themselves can vary between snowflakes, bobbles, personal ornaments, etc. 

For the silver tree decorations. you should use the ribbons that wrap around the entire tree, tinsel, several small ornaments, and even having the tree itself be silver or white. 

10 Of The Classiest Christmas Tree Decorations You’ll Ever See

Black and white

Another color scheme to focus your Christmas tree decorations around is black and white. It’s simple, classy, and easy to do if you have the right decorations. 

To start with the tree itself, you will want to get a white tree. You can get a black one if you wish for that to be your base, but it is usually easier to play around with certain decorations if you have the lighter color to be the base. 

Unlike the silver and blue color scheme, you will want to have the same amount of black as white to make the tree appear more classy. If you have one more than the other, the color in the greater amount can dominate the entire tree, thus throwing it out of balance. 

If you chose a white tree as the base color, then you should go with a black tinsel or ribbon to wrap around the tree. For the ribbon, make sure that it is not wrapped too tightly around the tree. For the best visual of the ribbon, have it sit on the outer branches of each row. Ribbons stick to the bristles on the branches so even if the branches move, chances are the ribbon won’t. 

For the ornaments, place them around the tree as you would for a regular Christmas tree. The key to having a balance between the black and white colors is to have one white ornament and then a black one next to it. Try to avoid having too much white near each other, and vice versa with the black ornaments. 

10 Of The Classiest Christmas Tree Decorations You’ll Ever See


Crystal drop ornaments

These Christmas tree decorations are a great way to make a Christmas tree classy simply and elegantly. Crystal drop ornaments come in many different shapes and can be heavy ornaments depending on the shape you choose. 

No matter what shape you choose, they all are paired well with whatever lights you choose to put on your tree. The important tip is that you do use lights with these ornaments. Lights are a great way of letting these ornaments shine, especially at night when the natural light is gone and all the lights are turned off. 

If these Christmas tree decorations are angled right with the lights they can have a prism effect. This means that they can cast a faint rainbow effect on the nearby branches. This effect is best done if you spread out the crystal drops all around the tree. 

10 Of The Classiest Christmas Tree Decorations You’ll Ever See

Lace with LED lights

Lace is usually not associated with Christmas tree decorations, but you are careful in your placement of them, they can actually make your tree look very classy. The trick to placing lace on a tree is all about using the other ornaments to highlight the patterns on this fabric. Lights are a great way to do this. 

There are two ways you can place lights with the lace to make it work: behind and around. If you put the lights behind the lace, then it can help illuminate the pattern in the lace itself. Just be careful that the light isn’t too close to the lace.

Certain brands of lights tend to get very hot when they are used for a long time, typically over an hour or two. If the bulbs get too hot and they are touching the lace, this could cause the lace to set on fire and no one wants that. 

Another reason to keep the lights from touching the lace is when you inevitably have to take down the tree. The bulbs could get tangled in the lace and cause rips at any time, much like how cords always find a way to get tangled up even when you are careful about how you place them anywhere. 

Placing the lights around the lace does the same effect as behind, but with less emphasis on the pattern in the middle of the lace. 

10 Of The Classiest Christmas Tree Decorations You’ll Ever See



Snowflakes are great Christmas tree decorations for a few different reasons. Certain parts of the world experience snow with Christmas, so having snowflakes on your Christmas tree is a great way to experience the beauty of the snowflake without experiencing the cold of the outside. 

Other than baubles, snowflakes are the easiest decoration to find for the holidays. They usually come in white or silver, to mimic actual snowflakes. However, they can come in different colors. They are also available in many different sizes. So you can play around with the different sizes on your tree. 

Because of their unique shape, they can serve as a replacement star if you don’t have one. This would only work, though, if you can bend the top branch of your tree to be flatter so that the snowflake can rest on it. 

Using a snowflake as a star will tie the entire tree together for the perfect feeling of having winter indoors. 

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10 Of The Classiest Christmas Tree Decorations You’ll Ever See



Why limit bows to presents when you can use them as Christmas tree decorations too? You can make the entire tree look like a present in itself. However, you will want to make sure that the bows you use aren’t too big nor placed too close together. 

If you use big bows, they can overwhelm the rest of the tree and dominate your eyes when you look at it. The trick is to use smaller bows that you can spread throughout the tree. 

You don’t want to put them too close together either because when you decorate a tree, you want it to look as unified as possible. Much like the problem with using too big of bows, putting too many too close together can dominate that area, rather than have it all work harmoniously together in a balance. 

Bows around the holidays are typically sold in the color red, but you can find them in other colors according to your color scheme. They are also sold online if you can’t find one in a physical store near you. 

10 Of The Classiest Christmas Tree Decorations You’ll Ever See


Feathers are great Christmas tree decorations, especially when you are looking to fill in any holes or gaps that your ornaments make. Fake feathers are recommended for a few different reasons. 

The first being that they are much cheaper and easier to find than real feathers. If you were thinking about using any feather you find on the street, think again. While it is mostly safe to pick up a feather shed by a living bird, there is a slim chance of contracting an illness from that feather. It’s usually a safer option, in the long run, to just use synthetic feathers on your tree. 

It is also illegal to take home any feathers shed by migratory birds as per the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. For more information, see here. 

Synthetic feathers can come in many different colors and are found at craft and art stores since these feathers are often used by artists. If you can’t find the color you want, you can always find a white feather and spray on the temporary dye of your color choice. 

This leads to the second reason why synthetic feathers are better to use: they clean easily. If you have ever used temporary coloring, you will know that washing the area a few times usually gets the dye out quickly. Unless it’s something that can be stained forever like clothing. 

Synthetic feathers also tend to last a lot longer than real feathers. This could be because of the materials used in synthetic feathers (various forms of plastic) and real feathers which decay over time. 

10 Of The Classiest Christmas Tree Decorations You’ll Ever See


Completely white

Do you love winter so much that you would want to make a winter wonderland in your home too? One way is to have all your Christmas tree decorations be white. From the baubles to the snowflakes to the tinsel. If you don’t want to be too blinded then you can have the tree itself be a traditional green. 

If you do have a green tree as the base it will make it even more of a winter wonderland. The white tinsel and snowflakes will mimic the visual of snow on the branches. You can use crystal drop ornaments as icicles hanging from the branches. 

But if you want to go all out on the winter vibe, then you will want to opt for the white tree as a base. It might not have the same effect as the green tree would, but it will complete the white snow effect you might be going for. 

10 Of The Classiest Christmas Tree Decorations You’ll Ever See

Have you used any of these classy Christmas tree decorations on your own tree? Let us know in the comments below!

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