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Classic Updos Perfect For Any Hair Texture

Classic Updos Perfect For Any Hair Texture

Here are some classic updos for every occasion. With the holiday season upon us, you will need to look your best at every holiday party. The thing about classic updos is that not only are they elegant styles but excellent time savers. So you can devote more time to getting ready and less time fussing with your hair. No matter your hair texture or even your hair length, these updos will ensure you are looking fab at every event.

Sleek Ponytail

The sleek ponytail is a classic updo that won’t be going out of style anytime soon. From running errands or attending your family’s Christmas Eve party, a sleek ponytail is always a great choice. All you need is your favorite holding gel or mousse and a good brush. Whether you are a high ponytail girl or prefer a low one, both will look great.

Brushing your hair back completely might be daunting to some, so feel free to start with your favorite hair part before creating the sleek ponytail. Just make sure all hair is tightly secured in an elastic and you are good to go. For an even sleeker look, wrap a small amount of hair over the elastic and pin with a bobby pin.

Classic Hair Updos For Any Texture

Ballerina Bun

A Ballerina bun is a great alternative to the sleek ponytail. It has a similar application to the sleek ponytail but ends with a bun instead.

To create a thick bun, you’ll need just a donut ring. You can even create one out of an old, but a clean, sock.  Select a sock that won’t shed or create too many loose threads. With the old sock, simply cut off the toe end and wrap the sock around each other in a donut-like form. Turning the sock in against itself when rolling will do the trick to creating your own donut ring.

Once you have the donut ring, slide it onto your ponytail, then pull it is as close to the tip of your hair as you can. Tuck any remaining hair under the center of the donut. Then roll the sock slowly down your hair, gathering your hair in a ring as you go.

Have shorter hair? No problem! This classic updo is still attainable just by flatten your ends over the donut ring and securing with an elastic band. Don’t forget to do a final inspection that your hair completely covers the sock or donut ring. You don’t want to give away your secret now!

Classic Updos for Any Hair Texture

French Roll

A French roll is a fancy but simple style dating back from the 50s. Just like clothing, hairstyles like this one keeps coming back in style. It’s created by gathering the hair in one hand and simultaneously twisting the hair upwards until it is turned on itself against the head. You will need some hairspray and plenty of bobby pins to secure. Practice a couple of times until you’ve landed your perfect roll.

Don’t worry if some of your hair falls to stay in place. A messier French roll is another version that can work too. Sometimes, the messier look the better!

If you have a thicker hair texture, try blowing drying or straightening your hair first if you do want to attain that extra sleek look. However, it’s perfectly attainable with any curl pattern without any additional hair primping. No French roll is ever the same and that’s the beauty of this style! You can make it your own.

Classic Updos For Any Hair Texture

Crown Braid

A crown braid is a personal favorite of mine out of all the classic updos. It is also one of the easiest to nail. All you need to start is to create either a middle or side part, whichever you prefer!

After, braid both sides down and secure with a clear elastic if needed. Take one braid and extended over the front of your head and pin it in place with a bobby pin. Then take the second braid and mimic the first braid. The point where the two braids meet in the middle should cross and create an x shape.

Then Voila, you’ll be looking like royalty in no time, with your very own built-in tiara!

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For an extra dash of class, leave out two tendrils of hair above the ear. Those with naturally straight hair, you can even braid the tendrils and then unravel them for wispy like ends like your curlier hair girl pals. Got any cute hairpins lying around? Feel free to stick those around your crown, especially hairpins with flowers or pearls attached at the end.

Classic Updos For Any Hair Texture

Low Chignon

A low chignon is one of those classic updos that is more on the sophisticated end. It is a great style to wear when wanting to flaunt a new set of earrings or a statement necklace.

Chignon comes from the French phrase chignon du cou, meaning the nape of the neck. Just a fancier name for ‘bun’. This updo is perfect for not just any fancy occasions but also especially good for bad hair days. Those days when you are rushing off to class and nothing seems to be working for your hair, this style will.

To begin gather hair in a ponytail. Part the ponytail in two and twist your hair all the way to the ends. Wrap the twist around itself to create a bun. Once satisfied with the desired look, pin bun with bobby pins.

There you have it, a few simple but classic updos to try this holiday season. No matter your hair length or texture all these classic updos are perfect for anyone. Just don’t give up if it doesn’t come out right the first time around. It might just take a couple of tries to nail the signature styles.

Classic Hair Updos For Any Hair Texture

I hope these classic updos will leave you inspired to try out a few this holiday season. Let us know which look you nailed in the comment section below. Feel free to also suggest some classic updos not mentioned that worked for you!

Images via @naturallytemi on Instagram
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