Classic Songs That You Should Play At Any Party

Classic Songs That You Should Play At Any Party

When you throw a party, you don’t want your guests to be moping around, not moving. Instead, you need a good playlist of classic songs that will get people up and dancing. This can be tough because everyone has different music tastes, but if you stick to a few classics, then you will get everyone’s attention. So, if you need some songs to get people up and about at your next event, then here are classic songs that you should play at any party.

I Love Rock N Roll

This hit is a classic for a reason! People always get up and sing along to classic songs like this rock anthem. So, if you want to get people moving, then you have to play this song to get them in the spirit. This Joan Jett classic is sure to make people involved and ramp up the energy at your party, so don’t skip this classic tune!

Classic Songs That You Should Play At Any Party

Whole Lotta Love

As any grandparent will tell you, this classic song was a huge hit when it first became a single on the radio. And it happened for a reason! This Led Zeppelin tune has the spunk and attitude that everyone at the party will enjoy, and it has funky guitar riffs that you can groove to. Classic songs never go out of style, and this one shows that to be true. Younger people will love it, and the older crowd probably already knows and loves it. So, put this on your playlist at your next event and see what a difference it will make.

I Want It All

Classic songs may have that title because they are older, but classics are definitely timeless. This track from Queen is not always the go-to, so often it is the operatic rock anthem Bohemian Rhapsody. But, don’t discount this one yet because it is a great sing-along to have playing at a party. Everyone will know the words, and they will want to dance to that funky beat. When the chorus comes in, you will have an entire room full of people who are singing every single word.

Classic Song That You Can Play At Any Party

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This tune is one that is in a lot of movies, so people of all ages will have heard this tune before. This Cheap Trick single is one that is upbeat, fun, and gives people something to sing to. This track will get people out of their seats and onto the dance floor. Plus most people, even if they don’t know all the lyrics will know the “Mommy’s all right, Daddy’s alright, they just seem a little weird” part! Classic songs should get people moving and singing, and this song checks both of those items off on the list.

The Joker

Classic songs always give the listener a unique experience when they hear it, and this tune has a specific effect on people. This Steve Miller Band tune will get guests feeling laid back and lazy! This is great to play when you want people to relax and sing along to the music. Your guests will be singing along to the chorus and enjoying the party. This classic is something that is groovy enough that you can dance to it, or you can sit down and sing along, so it works for everyone.

Classic Songs That You Should Play At Any Party

Making a playlist for a party is tough, but this list can help demystify the process. Classic songs will get your guests up and moving and not wanting the night to end. Sing-alongs are always the way to go! Which song on the list is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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