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5 Classic Romance Comedies That You Need To Watch

Who doesn’t love a good movie? A romantic comedy at that! This genre has been booming since…a long time ago. It has catapulted careers of our favorite stars like Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and many more A-list actors. With the times we are in currently, movies has been a great way to cope and connect people all over the world. There are countless movies out there and lots of romance comedies included. 

I’ve always thought this genre was popular for us Queens but I now see everyone enjoys a good, funny and complicated romance movie. I’ve spent a great deal of time looking at classic movies (due to my parents) and I can say, there is something about those classics! The feelings of joy and nostalgia, even though I’ve never lived through those times, just resonates in my soul. After reading this article and watching a few of your own, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

The Wood

This movie right here is a cult classic! It follows three childhood friends lives as they navigated growing pains in Inglewood, California. The movie is one big flashback and forth between all three as they reminisce about things on the wedding day of one of them. The twist to this plot is the one who is to be married is a runaway groom.

This movie will have you rolling on the floor from the comedy. It does have a good portion of romance because of first kisses, first sexual experiences and first loves. All the reminiscing is also used as a remedy for the runaway groom to stand up and do the right thing. This movie also can be a tear jerker so keep a tissue box handy. 

My Best Friend’s Wedding

This movie is a great romance comedy, especially for those of us who found ourselves in love with a good friend. Julia Roberts made a pack with her male best friend, that if they both were single by a certain time they would marry each other. Her male best friend played by Dermont Mulroney surprises her with an engagement to another woman! 

This movie is a roller coaster ride of emotions because Julia Roberts is dead set on stopping the wedding but after she is made maid of honor, it becomes more of a fight within herself. What a tragedy! Its a great movie to help you laugh and cry with the twist and turns it takes. 


Who hasn’t heard of this movie! This classic is famous for multiple reasons like Cher’s (main character) wardrobe, the references made in the movie of classic movies, and the whole plot all together. This movie follows the drama and social problems of a high school student by the name of Cher. She is rich, beautiful and did I mention RICH! 

She goes through love woes, friendships and solely finding her purpose in the midst of everything. She does find love in an unsuspecting person but I won’t spoil the movie for those who haven’t seen it. You definitely will love this movie!

Pretty Woman

This cult classic is still heavily replayed on television quite a bit. This movie also stars Julia Roberts as a prostitute who meets a business man and they strike up a deal. Roberts’ character shows lots of depth to her despite the stigma around her profession. This businessman (Richard Gere), who is closed off and emotionally detached finds that Roberts has something he is missing.

Follow this wild ride in the movie down the boulevard of Rodeo Drive and the city of Beverly Hills. Richard Gere plays the heck out of this role and can be seen as both a hero and a villain. This movie will for sure have you feeling butterflies and frustrations all along the journey. This film also has a great message as far as not judging anyone by their appearance. No spoilers here! You have to watch to see why I got that message.

See Also

Knocked Up

This movie is one that was made in the actual 2000s. Katherine Heigl plays a very responsible journalist and entertainment news reporter who has one night of partying that turns into a life altering decision. She gets knocked up by a irresponsible pot head who is confused about his position in life (Seth Rogen). This movie hits all the realistic boxes as this scenario is real for some of us.

The comedy bits by both main characters makes this movie hilarious but it does have dramatic moments where your heart feels torn. With something as sensitive as an accidental pregnancy, the comedy gives this movie a huge boost of endorphins. It will take you for a spin with Seth’s character because of his indecisiveness but thats all I will say! Check this movie out knowing there is  guaranteed laughs to come from you.

Movies are made to evoke emotional responses from us but also entertain us for a period of time. Romance comedy genre is always a safe choice when it comes to wanting some laughter and love in your life. This list was compiled with the thought of both factors being key in its storyline. I’ve watched each movie on this list and I have to say they all make me happy.

These are the go-to movies when you are sad, lonely, missing someone and other things amongst wanting to be entertained. Not only are these movies entertaining but the acting and production behind the films are stellar and makes for a great experience. In our age group these films seem like so long ago and its easy to by pass a movie made twenty years ago. All I can say is DON’T! This list should be enough proof of the benefits of classic movies to get you hooked. Don’t say i didn’t tell you.

What movie(s) have you already seen? Which movie speak to you? Do you have a classic movie not listed? Let us know in the comments below.

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