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10 Classes You Should Def Take In College

10 Classes You Should Def Take In College

College and University are a mix of learning and having fun. You focus on the core classes and the classes that your degree requires and now you need a few extra classes. You might be taking some classes that will look good for med school or will help you when you decide to further your degree. You might be looking for classes to help you be more well rounded or easier classes to help you get through your heavy workload. Whatever may be your case here are ten classes you should definitely take in college. We hope these classes will help you out.

1. Personal Finance

If your college or university offers personal finance than you should definitely take this class. This class teaches you about stocks, credit, retirement planning, big purchases like houses and mortgages, etc. This is a great class to get an understanding of how money in the real world beyond swiping your card for groceries work. This is also an amazing class to take if you took out student loans and it will help you get a better understanding of the interest rate etc.

2. Business Management

Even you don’t major in business and don’t want to have a career in business that’s okay if it’s not in your plan right now but you never know. Cardi B even said she wished she took at least one business management class. You might, later on, want to own your own business or to even know how to help the office you’re working in etc.



3. Communication/Speech class

Communication or Speech class is important to take especially if you tend to be a bit shy and introverted. Communication or speech composition class is to help prove your writing and public speaking skills while focusing on expository and persuasive discourses. Lots of people have a fear of public speaking and there’s nothing better than facing your fear head-on. This class is also good for your future job interviews, medical school interviews, etc. by helping you build that confidence. This class isn’t just for college but can give you the confidence to help you out in your future endeavors.

4. Psychology

Psychology is an overall easy but interesting class. If you’re interested in case studies and have a love for learning taking a psychology class would be great for you. You could learn subtle ticks of the human body and weird cases that show how we deal with power today like the Stanford Prison Experiment that got closed down earlier than expected because when humans are presented with power over others we tend to take advantage of that despite the fact that they have the power to hurt others still become unbothered. There’s plenty of psychology cases that really makes you think what you’re capable of. This class is great if you’re interested in emotonial intelligence, case studies, and how the human body sympathizes with others.



5. Professional Writing

You have to write so much especially in college so taking a class in professional writing could help you out in the classes you would be taking after this. You don’t have to want to be an author to take a class in professional writing. Writing skills are required in writing emails to proposals and personal statements if you plan on furthering your degree and going to graduate school or medical school. Your writing skills at this point should be excellent but maybe you’re just grazing through so taking a professional writing class to help strengthen your writing class could help you get better grades on essays etc and boos your overall GPA in the long run.

6. Statistics

Data jobs are everywhere and everything you see or go to can be imputed to data and the growth of usage of statistics and analytics is only growing. Lot’s of social media figures use analytics and statistics to figure out what content they should put out by checking on the views, like to dislike ratio, what has the highest engagement, etc. Getting a better understanding of the statistics and breakdown of how it works could help you in your future career. Whether working in a job that mainly deals with statistics or data. This class could also help you if you have a bit of social media following or are interested in growing your following and engagement.


7. Nutrition

Nutrition is everywhere. From the fries, we had at lunch to the salad we snacked on. On every food package, you see the serving size, calories, carbs, gluten but what does it all mean to you? Probably just check the calories and try to stay under a certain calorie amount or only eat ‘sugar-free’ food. In college you eat ramen and chug beer but what does that mean for your body short term or long term. A nutrition class could help you prepare for a healthy future and understand depending on your excises and current lifestyle what you should eat and what you’re eating too much of etc. Maybe if you’re taking a nutrition class you could lower your body fat and if your family has a history of obesity you could be on track to living a healthy lifestyle. At least once a day you’ll be forced to have something that will have a nutrition label so why not study nutrition when it is something that common in our everyday world.

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8. Automobile Matinenance

You probably have a car but do you know how to change a tire? Change your oil? Do you know the names of what is under the hood besides the engine? Having a car is very expensive especially when you have to take it into the shop and you’re living on a college student budget. Taking this class could hopefully save you some money in the long run by teaching you how to add windshield wiper liquid and what to do when your car died and you’re at the edge of a road a mile away from your destination.


9. Culinary Arts Class

After you’re out of college you have no excuse for microwave ramen. Also, I don’t even know how many people consider just using salt and pepper as a seasoning and call it a day. You will have to feed yourself so understanding how to cut an onion and prepare a chicken or turkey is important. You have to be able to cook and feed yourself it goes along with the basic necessities of living. That is why taking a culinary art class is important. You should be able to make your favorite meals and cook for others without giving someone food poisoning.

10. First Aid

Knowing first aid is so important. You never know when someone is choking and you’re the only one that is certified in CPR. If you cut yourself and need to apply pressure etc. As the saying goes Safety First and while taking this first aid class you can help someone or maybe even help yourself. So if your college offers this class I’d highly suggest you take it because you never know when this could be useful.



There you go, 10 classes, you should definitely take in college.  Let us know which ones you’ve already taken or which ones you plan on taking.