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10 Classes you Must Take in University

Are you in high school and getting ready for university? Are you in University but unsure of what classes to take? I also started planing my classes during my last year of high school, and it really helped me have a well-rounded schedule. Here are my personal favorites, and the ones that not only look good on your resume but will have you passionate and enjoying school.

1) Cognitive Science

Cognitive science is similar to psychology but not quite the same. Instead of focusing on behaviors and reactions like psychology does, cognitive science focuses on intelligence, with a focus on how the nervous system processes and transforms information. It focuses on nature, the tasks, and the function of the nervous system when it comes to behavior and processing.

2) Antiquity

I would’ve never imagined putting this on my list because I am not a Greek mythology kind of girl, but I fell in absolute love with this class and the books read. From The Odyssey to Genesis in the Old Testament, it will take you through love/hate journeys with the characters and allow you to experience life back when Zeus was still sending thunderbolts when he was mad. I highly, recommend this class so you can learn the bases of human life, human spirituality, and learn some Greek mythology while you’re at it.

3) Cultural Anthropology

There are four types of anthropology: cultural, physical, sociolinguistic, and archaeological. Although all are extremely good options, the cultural one is my favorite because it incorporates all four into one class. You learn about language and how it is transmitted, as well as how the daughter language evolved from the protolanguage. You will also learn about all our primates; from gorillas to neanderthals and archaeologically learn about the tools they used and the evolution of those tools. This class is really interesting if you are passionate about science or humans since it’s a humanistic science. 

4) Kinesiology

Kinesiology is one of my favorite classes, and this one is perfect for all pre-med students. We should really understand how the body functions when we exercise. This class will not only show you and teach you about exercise science but implement healthy behaviors into your lifestyle— you will definitely be more self-aware. If you are or are not into sports or science, this class works for you. If you want to get into exercise but do not have the basic theory already, then take this class instead of hiring a personal trainer!

5) Health and Human Rights

If you are or are not passionate about the medical field, you must take this class. It will teach you the ways to let go of the cultural barriers you hold and apply it to your future career. This specifically focuses on the medical field, and how human rights should be predominantly discussed in the field. It focuses on person-care rather than patient care, and gives us the crude reality of how the world really works— and most times, it is very discriminatory.

6) Any Language Class

If you’ve always wanted to learn a new language but never wrapped your mind around the idea— this is the perfect time to do so. You can learn a Germanic language, a romance language, or a Semitic language— seriously so many options. I highly, recommend learning a new language, especially if you plan on going to Grad school afterward. If you are not willing to start a new language from scratch then you can take classes in the region you are interested in.

7) Nutrition

If you like food, and the importance of eating healthy when it comes to daily life— this class is perfect for you. Many people chose to even major in nutrition since they fall in love with the complexity of food. There are nutrition classes focused on science, and others focus on cooking and well-being—both are amazing choices based on your interest. If you just want to build the base of a healthy lifestyle, then understanding what you put in your body should be your first step, aka taking a nutrition class.

8) Immunology

This is an amazing class that I highly recommend for everyone wanting to learn about their body and specifically— the immune system. During this pandemic, we should all become aware of body substance isolation, but also learn what happens to our bodies when we are infected, and how a healthy body vs. an unhealthy body fights off diseases. Different conditions, bodies, and environmental factors act on the body and cause it to react differently.

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9) Global Engagement

Are you a social activist? Do you want to be more in your community? This class will teach you about the underprivileged and what you can do to help them— in the long-run. The final project is usually a proposition of a program designed to help the poor communities in your city, based on your interests. I would advise taking this class even if it has nothing to do with your major because you learn how to become a better citizen— literally.

10) Philosophy

Do you love Socrates? Do you hate Socrates? Take this class either way because it will definitely twist your brain and make you wonder how the world truly works. The books read in this class are extremely eye-opening and knowledgeable. This class is perfect for all majors because you get to learn about ethics and address questions about whether we truly dream or not. Don’t let the name scare you, it will change your assumption and understanding of the human world, human nature, and God.

I just want to share my personal path with anyone looking for advice. I’m keeping my schedule well-rounded, and exploring each and every one of my passions to remain happy and enjoying school.

Please share your favorite classes in the comments, and help your friends by sending them this article as an awakening and sign to get moving! University is important and for most people, it is the best time of their lives.

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