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10 Cities To Visit This Summer That You Won’t Regret

10 Cities To Visit This Summer That You Won’t Regret

10 Cities To Visit This Summer That You Won't Regret

Summer is the best time to travel IMO because you don’t have to pack heavy clothes, and the warmer weather makes us want to be outside. I haven’t been able to travel as much as I would like to, so I’ve got a list of places on my bucket list, but as for you, I wanted to share with you some of my top picks of cities to visit this summer (in no particular order) that you definitely won’t regret – because when do we ever actually regret traveling to new cities?

1. Chicago, IL

When you think of the Midwest, I bet this is one of the cities that comes to mind. Chigaco is one of those cities that just feels like home to me though I was born and raised in Michigan. There’s a mixture of old and new buildings that complement each other so well. Whether you walk around downtown, visit Grant Park, the Navy Pier, Lincoln Zoo, or want to visit Lake Michigan, there’s a lot to do in this city. Oh, and the city view at night is absolutely gorgeous over the water.

10 Cities To Visit This Summer That You Won’t Regret


2. Nashville, TN

If you love country music, I bet Nashville is on your list already. But, you don’t have to be a country fan to go to Nashville. Downtown looks like it’d be fun to walk around, and the music in the atmosphere makes it lively. It is Music City, so as someone who loves most any music, this is definitely one of my top cities to visit.

3. Boston, MA

For all you history buffs, this is for you. I’m fascinated by the east coast, so Boston is a no brainer for me. There’s a certain charm that comes with a city like this. You can visit the historical sites, go to Harvard for a day, or hang out downtown or by the harbor. Maybe you’ll pick up the accent after spending some time here, that could be fun!


4. Seattle, WA

Starbucks started here, so many great bands came from here, you can swim in the ocean or have a beach day by the Pacific, there’s the Space Needle, honestly, there are so many reasons to go to Seattle. This is another of my top cities to visit, it just looks like the vibe is very cool, calm, and Instagram worthy at the least.

10 Cities To Visit This Summer That You Won’t Regret

5. Portland, ME

When you think Portland, I bet you think of Oregan. However, Portland, Maine is absolutely charming. The city has so much history and character, the atmosphere allowed my anxious tendencies to chill out for the week I spent here. While you’re in Portland, take a boat tour of the lighthouses, visit the shops, and get a potato donut at Holy Donut for me, they are absolutely delicious!


6. Portland, OR

Portland, Oregan has been the up and coming city for a while. I’ve been told that anyone in a creative industry should visit, or move here, that’s why this is on my list of cities to visit. I want to check it out and see what all the fuss has been about!

7. San Francisco, CA

The bridge and Full House. Just kidding, but really, San Francisco just seems like it would be a lot of fun. I really want to experience all the hills and cable cars.

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10 Cities To Visit This Summer That You Won’t Regret

8. San Diego, CA

San Diego is the birthplace of my wanderlust because visiting here made me realize how much I want to see the world and experience the lifestyles of other cities. If I were to ever move to a warmer city, this would have to be it. The shops, the beach, the vibe of the city, the best heat I’ve ever experienced because the humidity is basically non-existent.


9. Orlando, Florida

Why wouldn’t you want to go to the city that is the home of the most magical place in the world? I’ve been to Disney Orlando, but I’ve gone to Universal Studios which is home to the second most magical place, Harry Potter world – it was everything I needed it to be.

10. Grand Rapids, MI

Aside from being my hometown, I feel like Grand Rapids is underrated because it actually has a lot to offer. One cool thing about Grand Rapids is that it was built alongside the Grand River and the two sides of the city are connected by a number of bridges. It has a mixture of old and new buildings like Chicago and honestly has a similar feel of Chicago but on a smaller scale. Grand Rapids is also Beer City so if you are into that scene, this should be number one on your list of cities to visit!


These are by no means the only cities on my list of cities to visit, what cities are on your list? We’d love to know! Comment down below where and why!

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