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10 Cinderella Wedding Dresses For A Happily Ever After

10 Cinderella Wedding Dresses For A Happily Ever After

If you ever fell in love with the humble, and not so humble, wedding dress as a young child, then you’ll know exactly what I mean when I utter “Cinderella wedding dress.” A Cinderella wedding dress is a fairy tale ballgown—no straight lines, no curves around the body, a full-on puffy wedding dress with sequins, glitter, floral pieces and more. 

Okay, maybe not all those things at once because that would just be tacky — but you know what I mean. I’m talking about a wedding dress that belongs in the ballroom of a palace, dancing the night away with some Prince Charming. Or maybe even just dancing the night away, with friends and people of the kingdom. Now I really am living in a fairy tale. 

But these wedding dresses scream fairy tale, they are so princessy and stunning that it simply confirms for me that there are many other people out there with but one wish to at least try one on. Imagine stepping down the aisle wearing a wedding dress like one of these, with a long train following you and all eyes finally on you for a change. So here is a collection of wedding dresses fit for a princess, and even if you’re not getting married (I mean I’m not), why not just have a little gawk at these stunning gowns for some inspiration? 

1. Floral Ballgown, Sadek Majed

If you have seen Disney’s live-action adaptation of their own Cinderella from 2015, then you likely fell in love with Cinderella’s wedding dress that she grandly wore in the closing scene of the film. Dressed with intricate floral detail at the edges, this dress has a subtle vintage feel to it, with its beige hue and soft flower colours. 

This floral wedding ballgown from Sadek Majed reminds me of this particular wedding dress. However, this dress has a more modern sense to it, with a more daring neckline and brighter, trendier colours such as the blush pinks in the flower details. Nonetheless, this dress is just so beautiful and intricately detailed, we are swooning. 

10 Cinderella Wedding Dresses For A Happily Ever After

2. Amalfi Wedding Dress, La Petra

I’m not sure what I adore more, the wedding dress itself or the look of wonderment in the model’s eyes as she stands on the steps of this building. With gorgeous glittering detail, this wedding dress would surely dazzle all the guests as you walk down the aisle. 

10 Cinderella Wedding Dresses For A Happily Ever After

3. Once Upon a Dream, Paolo Sebastian

Paolo Sebastian released a line of wedding dresses some time ago inspired by the Disney fairy tale, so it was only fitting that we added some of the gowns here. This gorgeous floor-length wedding dress shows off a beautifully intricate floral detailing on the skirt and on the bodice. I could easily see this dress in a forest-themed wedding in the woodlands. 

10 Cinderella Wedding Dresses For A Happily Ever After

4. Russian Glory, Evelyn Aurora Couture

Okay, this wedding dress is giving me more Princess Anastasia vibes from the Romanov family, or better known in the 1997 animated film Anastasia. But nonetheless, this wedding dress has all the fairy tale trimmings to it, including the long train, the intricate lace detailing and unique bodice. Definitely another fairytale. 

10 Cinderella Wedding Dresses For A Happily Ever After

5. Dolly Ballgown, Naviblue

I am absolutely mesmerised by the lace detailing on this wedding dress. I swear, any wedding dress that requires you to use your hands to lift up the dress as you walk, is an absolute fairy tale dream come true. Additionally, this wedding dress has a gorgeous sleeve length for those who prefer a longer sleeve on their dress. I am stunned. 

10 Cinderella Wedding Dresses For A Happily Ever After

6. Ballgown, Birenzweig

For anyone who can’t enough lace detailing, this wedding dress is absolutely for you. It is covered in gorgeous lace detail from tip to toe and even sports a gorgeous full sleeve length. Definitely similar to Cinderella’s wedding dress or at least giving off those vibes, this is the perfect fairy tale dream dress.

This dress would be wonderful at a flower garden party in a reception, but would look equally stunning in a church or anywhere similar. I can imagine lots of brick buildings being the backdrop for this one. 

10 Cinderella Wedding Dresses For A Happily Ever After

7. Satin Wedding Dress, NarsBridal

If Princess Cinderella is a little difficult to get on board with and you’d prefer a real-life princess tale inspiration, then how about something similar to what was worn by the actual Duchess Meghan? At Prince Harry’s wedding last year, Meghan Markle wore a very simple full sleeve length satin wedding dress, with many people critically divided on her dress choice.

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Some adored the simplicity, and others thought it was just much too simple for the occasion. Regardless, I think this gorgeous wedding dress is just so wonderful — modest yet elegant at the same time! 

10 Cinderella Wedding Dresses For A Happily Ever After

8. Tulle Wedding Ballgown, Dressily Me

Another little lace dream, this wedding dress has all the lace detailing you could ever dream of, up to the very top. The bodice is entirely lace, including the sleeves, and moves down effortlessly to the tulle skirt, which remains plain at the very bottom. This is perfect for those who love the lace look but do not wish to overpower the dress with it. 

10 Cinderella Wedding Dresses For A Happily Ever After

9. Wedding Gown, Nora Naviano

Another lace dream (I promise that’s not the only type of wedding dress I adore…Okay, maybe it is), this wedding dress is the perfect fairy tale come true. I can imagine this dress being worn on the steps of a castle, with a small tiara on the head of the bride. The dress would go perfectly for a church wedding or a forest wedding and would compliment a flower garden party so wonderfully to complete the fairy tale look. 

10 Cinderella Wedding Dresses For A Happily Ever After

10. Crystal Design, Haute & Sevilla Couture

I’m falling more in love with satin elegance, and I just adore this wedding dress from Haute and Sevilla Couture. It screams grace and beauty, and the fact that I spy some cheeky little pockets with my little eye makes this dress that much more perfect. This dress is elegant, sophisticated and glamorous as well as a fairy tale dream. 

10 Cinderella Wedding Dresses For A Happily Ever After

There are many wedding dress shapes out there: mermaid, ballgown, A-line, column, fit and flare, and so many more. What’s your dream wedding dress shape for your happily ever after? Let us know in the comments down below! 

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