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10 Cinco De Mayo Party Ideas To Help You Celebrate

We’re all aware that one of the most fun parts of May is celebrating Cinco De Mayo! For some this holiday is just a great excuse to enjoy delicious Mexican cuisine and drink margaritas. But if you really want to take your festivities to the next level this year then check out these great Cinco De Mayo party ideas that will have you feeling more festive than ever when this holiday rolls around!

1. Party flowers

This joyful decoration activity is a great way to get your guests together and make your party decorations beautiful! The traditional party flowers are great to consider for your Cinco De Mayo party ideas due to their fun customizability, and it’s something you and your guests can do as a group! No two will look the same, and they’ll also help brighten up the atmosphere!

2. Margarita and Sangria Station

Would it really be a party without a delicious glass of sangria or a cold margarita? I don’t think so. Especially not on Cinco De Mayo! So make sure to include a margarita or sangria bar into your Cinco De Mayo party ideas this year for a tasty and refreshing treat your guests will be more than happy about.

3. Churro station

These fried treats are absolutely delicious! And what could be more fun than a churro station? Your guests can load up their dessert with whatever their heart desires, and you’ll all have a blast doing so. These will definitely be a crowd pleaser this coming holiday.

4. Piñata with Authentic Mexican Candy

What’s more fun than throwing it back to the good ol’ days when you and your friends with beat up a piñata to get the goodies inside? Well, this coming holiday is the perfect time to grab a piñata and re-visit your childhood. Make sure to add this to your list of Cinco De Mayo party ideas, grab a piñata and fill it with tasty authentic Mexican-style candy for a delicious treat and fun activity that your guests will have a blast with! Especially if they’ve had a few margaritas beforehand.

5. Mexican Street Corn

This yummy snack is a must-have for your get-together! Authentic, and therefore in true Cinco De Mayo fashion, your guests will love this, and you’ll enjoy eating it too!

6. Banners and Colorful Flags

One of the most beautiful parts about Cinco De Mayo celebrations is looking at all of the fantastic decorations! Have fun this holiday and include creating banners and flags as part of your Cinco De Mayo party ideas, you’ll have fun creating something so beautiful, and your guests will enjoy it too! Besides, you need an excellent backdrop for that insta-pic anyway.

7. Ojo de Dios craft

This fun activity should definitely be one of your Cinco De Mayo party ideas this year. Creating the Ojo de Dios is a beautiful way to connect with the cultural significance of this holiday, it’s something that you and your guests can do together, and it creates something beautiful! The Ojo de Dios represents God’s eye and is produced by weaving multiple colors of yarn onto wooden sticks. Try it out this year and create something beautiful!

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8. Dance Party

If you were ever looking for a reason to learn how to salsa, now is your time! Take advantage of this celebration and dive in to learn more about the Mexican culture! Have fun with this activity, play lively music, and you and your guests can learn how to dance! This activity is fun for everybody, so it should definitely be added to your list of Cinco De Mayo party ideas.

9. How Hot Is it? Chile Pepper Game

This game is exactly what it sounds like. Gather a variety of chile peppers and have your most daring guests try and guess which one is the hottest before tasting them and finding out! This will not only be entertaining to watch but if you’re adventurous and enjoy spicy food then it’s the perfect game for you! Have fun with this one and create prizes for whoever wins! Make sure you have a cold margarita waiting for those who participate in this game to help them cool off afterward.

10. Authentic Taco Bar

Last but not least, is it really Cinco De Mayo if you don’t eat your weight in delicious authentic Mexican-style street food? I think not. So make sure you’re planning your party the right way and include a taco bar that will allow your guests to create their taco however they’d like. But make sure you use corn tortillas!

How do you like to celebrate Cinco De Mayo? Let us know in the comments below!

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