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30 Christmas Stocking Stuffers You’ll Want This Year

30 Christmas Stocking Stuffers You’ll Want This Year

You have your Christmas list all ready to go, but do you know what you want in your stocking? Check out this list of Christmas stocking stuffers for inspo!

Well folks, it’s that time of year again. The Christmas season is just around the corner and I can hardly wait to wrap those fuzzy socks and sub-par DIY projects I try to gift every year. One of my favorite parts of Christmas is the stocking stuffers, because who doesn’t love little trinkets of joy? Here are 30 Christmas stocking stuffers you’ll actually want to find in your stocking this year – and don’t worry, they’re all under $30.

For The One Who Loves Anything Beauty Related

1. A Relaxing Face Mask

Sephora comes in clutch this season with this relaxing facemask. When the New Year unfolds and stress starts to rise again, this mask will surely do the trick. Do I predict a spa day in the near future?


2. “Bite” Beauty Set

When you need some mini beauty in your stash, this gift set goes perfectly with any holiday outfit.

3. Marc Jacobs Mini Gift Set

Daisy comes in fun-size packages with this adorable mini-gift set at Sephora. It’s a great on-the-go stash for when you need a little extra perfume.


4. Winter Eyeshadow Palette

The perfect holiday look starts with the perfect palette, and this one comes pretty close.


5. NailMoji Nail Polish

Deck out your nails with the cutest emojis with these Nailmoji Nail Polish by ColorClub. They come in a multitude of colors and will surely get the attention of anyone – cue winking emoji.


6. A Lip And Cheek Tinting Stick

This tint stick covers your lips and cheeks with a subtle flush/glow. Can you say efficiency?



For The One Who Loves Quirky Gifts

7. A Quirky Tote

This tote is perfect for carrying anything from your daily essentials to those heavy college textbooks. Fries before guys, foods before dudes.


8. A Quirky Mug

I can never have enough mugs, especially when I see ones that have punny sayings. This mug from Mugable Mugs on Etsy will surely suit your fancy somehow.

9. Taco Socks

Let’s just taco ‘bout it.


10. Public Toilet Survival Kit

I shouldn’t even have to explain this. Public toilets are gross. This kit makes it not-so-gross.


For The One Who Needs Help Relaxing

11. Yummy Bubble Bath

Cue the heart eyes emoji. Philosophy shower gel + bubble bath is my go-to guilty pleasure. Christmas Cookie and Candy Cane are TDF. Pour some of this into your bath and the aroma will calm you instantly…and maybe make you a little hungry too!

12. Harry Potter Coloring Book

Bring out your inner child and wizard with a Harry Potter coloring book. It’s like those stress detoxing ones…..only much better. Perfect for calming a mind that’s always running.


13. A Bath Bomb

Take advantage of a quiet and single bathroom while on Holiday break with bathbombs – specifically this beautiful one designed to give you the clarity you’ve been needing.


14. A Relaxing and Inspirational Read

For anyone looking for encouragement in their faith, this book brings out the passion and hope you may need.



For The One Obsessed with Desk Office Supplies

15. Moodycards

Want people to ask how you’re doing? Flip to one of the 30 cards and passive aggressively let them know.

16. “Handy” Notes

Leave a note in style. It also makes those persistent notes from Mom less irritating.


17. A Ceramic Pencil Holder

For when those pencils need somewhere adorable to be held.


18. A Cute Pencil Set

For those artsy people out there, you can find the perfect inspiration when using these handcrafted pencils.

19. Desk Pad Calender

There’s nothing better than kick starting the New Year off on an organizational foot. Grab this comforting Desk Pad Calendar for all of your stressful needs.


For The Vino Lover

20. The Perfect Wine Bag

Transport your best holiday spirits with this cute wine bag that we definitely know to be true. Cheers.

VinoPlease Set of 3 Wine Jute Burlap Bag Draw String Covers Gift Accessory



21. A Cute Bottle Stopper With Your State

Bringin’ a dash of your hometown state to your celebration with these state bottle stoppers.



…And The Coffee Lover

22. Thermal Mug

Nothing’s better than a thermal mug that warns off any potential unwanted interactions before you’ve slugged down your first cup o’ Joe for the day.

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23. Chewable Coffee

For the coffee lovers on-the-go these chewable cubes are perfect for that caffeine buzz. You don’t get the jitteriness of coffee but instead the relaxation and energy of Green Tea. These are a go-to item on my “pls buy me” Christmas stocking stuffers list.


24. Holiday Spoon

Either order one or all of ‘em, either way you’ll be satisfied with their cute sayings when you’re mixing that cream into your coffee.

For The Techie

25. A Charging Bracelet

Never be on low battery again with this portable charging bracelet. One half is the charging cord for your phone, the other plugs into any USB port for easy charging anytime, anywhere.


For The One Who Loves Dainty Room Decor

26. Air Plants

Spray these air plants 2-3 times per week and you’ve got yourself a green thumb. The cutest pots encase these little guys, so don’t be surprised if you want more than one.



27. Glitter Picture Frame

For your Polaroid faves when you have no idea where to hang them, ask for these adorable glitter picture frames. Can I have all of them?


28. Concrete Candle

Who would ever think concrete could look so cute? These little candles are the perfect room decor and come in multiple colors!

Large Concrete Candle



For The One Who Loves Pretty Things

29. A Crystal Soap Rock

This soap is sure to get anyone’s attention. It’s beautiful AND you get to choose your color. How cool is that? These definitely make more unique Christmas stocking stuffers for anyone who loves pretty things.



30. Raw Gemstone Necklaces

These are some one-of-kind beauties. And you can choose from 5 different colors! Let’s hope your mom nails it with the right color, a little hinting wouldn’t hurt either.



So whether you’re into the little things in life or big presents that spark your interest, some of these Christmas stocking stuffers have to be perfect for you this Christmas. Share this article to your mom, grandma, and especially the Aunt that gets you the same thing every year. You’ll thank me later.

Do you have any other ideas for Christmas stocking stuffers? Share in the comments below!

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30 Christmas Stocking Stuffers You’ll Want This Year
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