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10 Christmas Socks That Will Brighten Up Your Day

10 Christmas Socks That Will Brighten Up Your Day

The Christmas season is fast approaching us! People are starting to dust off their boxes of Christmas decorations, and trying to determine where they were displayed the previous year. Children are eagerly writing out their Christmas lists to Santa Clause, and keeping their fingers crossed that they receive every single gift that they wish for. Retail stores are rolling out their best holiday deals, and hoping that they draw in large crowds of shoppers. This truly is the most wonderful time of the year! So, why not put up those decorations or go out shopping in true Christmas fashion? These 10 Christmas socks will not only have you feeling merry, but will also keep your feet warm on the coldest of winter days. 

1. Christmas Gnomes 

I simply adore these super cute Christmas socks from Target! They feature little gnomes, or nisse as I like to call them, driving tiny red cars with a Christmas tree and presents in the back. The words “Driving Gnome For Xmas” are stitched at the top of the socks in capital red letters. These crew socks in heather grey are perfect for those of us with quirky personalities. They’re also lightweight, but not to worry, they will keep your feet nice and cozy all day long. To be completely honest, I think these might be some of the most adorable Christmas socks that I’ve seen in a long time!


2. Cozy Christmas Pattern

If you’re looking for super comfy socks to lounge around the house in, then look no further than these cozy cabin socks from Kohl’s. The faux fur lining on the inside of these Christmas socks are what make them so snug; you won’t ever want to take them off! I also love the fair isle knit design as it’s super classic to see this time of the year. I actually have a pair of slippers with this exact design on them. The colors that are incorporated into the socks are charming, yet still Christmas-y; pink wine is absolutely an appropriate color description for these cuddly socks. You’ll definitely want to be snuggling up by the fireplace for the day with these cabin socks. 

3. Fuzzy Bear, Snowman and Santa

These warm and fuzzy socks from Walmart are simply too sweet to pass up! Plus, they come in a three pack, and virtually everyone loves a good variety; especially when it comes down to Christmas socks. I’m a huge fan myself of fuzzy socks myself, and probably own more pairs than I do of normal socks. They’re sensationally comfy, and keep your feet perfectly warm. And if you’re a person whose feet get cold easily, then these socks are the perfect solution! Each pair of socks are different and cute in their own way, and feature a teddy bear holding a present, a snowman with a winter hat and Santa Clause with white snowflakes. These socks also work great if you find yourself outside a lot, and live in a cold climate. Trust me when I say, that these fuzzy socks will keep you warm. 


4. Festive Dinosaurs 

Amazon has definitely scored big with these hilariously cute dinosaur socks with a Christmas twist. This pair of crew socks features a T-Rex, a Brachiosaurus and a Stegosaurus all wearing festively-themed Christmas sweaters. I honestly love how they added little snowflakes on the socks to make it look like the dinosaurs are roaming on a cold snowy night, and are in need of their red and white sweaters to keep warm. These Christmas socks are perfect for all of the dinosaur lovers out there, and will definitely make a Jurassic statement while keeping your feet toasty! 


5. Christmas Tree 

Here’s another pair of fuzzy socks for you guys to obsess over! These snuggly socks from Old Navy are ideal for those of us who can’t get enough Christmas trees. The design on this pair of Christmas socks is simple, and features half a Christmas tree on each sock, so when you put your feet together, it creates one single tree. This idea is just too fun and adorable! I’d be the kind of person showing off these amusing socks to all of my family members and friends in a careless fashion. This classic Christmas tree design will keep you festive all season long. 

6. Advent Calendar

You can’t have Christmas without an Advent Calendar! But not to worry, if you don’t have a traditional Advent Calendar, then these 15 pairs of Christmas socks from Target will suffice. I can’t get over how much I love this idea, and how fun it is to wear a different pair of festive socks each day until Christmas. It’s brilliant, and will have you looking forward to each new pair of Christmas-themed socks every day. It’s an entertaining way for sure to count down the days until Christmas; just like you did when you were a kid. These socks will have no problem with keeping the Christmas spirit alive and thriving this year! 


7. Festive Polar Bear 

Honestly, who doesn’t love polar bears? They’re so adorable and fluffy! For those of us who adore polar bears, then these Christmas socks from Kohl’s will definitely delight you. Near the top of these crew socks, a polar bear dressed in a winter hat and scarf is featured along with pretty patterns of snowflakes and holly. The classic colors of red and green are what tie these socks together to give them a true Christmas feel. This is obviously one pair of cute Christmas socks that you need in your sock drawer right now! 

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8. Cheery Owl

Yes, toe socks are still a thing today. I’m a fan of them because they’re fun to wear, and they keep all of your individual toes warm. These red and black toe socks from Walmart are quite festive, and will have you grinning every time you look down at your feet. This pair of Christmas socks features a super cute bundled up brown owl who’s waving his little wing at you in greeting. The words “Fa La La” are stitched in white in various places on the socks, along with small snowflakes and a variety of red and gold Christmas presents. The toes are a red and black pattern, and make for a fun and quirky look. 


9. Jolly Elf 

This festive pair of socks is for all of the runners out there! These comical Christmas socks from Amazon should be on everyone’s Christmas list, not just athletes. The red and white striped pattern is reminiscent of a Christmas elf working in Santa’s workshop. And to complete this classic elfish look, there are little golden bells attached to the green zig zag pattern at the top. At least you won’t be able to accidentally sneak up on people. The soles of the socks also feature white snowflakes along with the words “Ho!Ho!Ho!” stitched down the middle. These priceless Christmas socks are the epitome of what it means to be jolly. 

10. Simply Snug

For those of us who aren’t a fan of the super gaudy looking Christmas socks, these brown and tan patterned socks from Old Navy are for you. These crew socks feature yet another classic fair isle design with a mesmerizing diamond pattern and a single snowflake near the top. Although this pair of socks would be more appropriate for wearing to work, they are still comfy enough to be worn as lounge socks on the weekends. I also love the simplicity of these socks, and that they are still festive enough to be considered Christmas-y. Who says that Christmas socks have to be elaborate? 


Which of these Christmas socks are you going to buy this season? Are there any others you would add to this list? Drop your thoughts below!

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