12 Christmas Side Dishes For A Delicious Holiday

These Christmas side dishes are the perfect thing to eat this holiday season! The ideas range from butternut squash to honey roasted carrots and more!

What is one of the things I most look forward at Christmas? The food of course! Christmas time is the perfect opportunity to embark on your own personal you vs food challenge. Bring it on. But the best part of the food opportunities? The side dishes of course. Check out this list of twelve Christmas side dishes for a delicious holiday. Because, Christmas time is the time when you can order all the sides. Pile your plate high with delicious holiday goodness. I’ve chosen a combination of my favourite meat, veggie and vegan side dishes as options, for an all-inclusive Christmas.

1. Sprouts n bacon n chestnuts

People can be super divided in their opinion of sprouts. But I would consider them a Christmas essential. If you aren’t a sprout number one fan, check out this recipe that infuses tastes of bacon and Christmas chestnuts. This is a quick and easy recipe and a great side dish for a delicious holiday.

12 Christmas Side Dishes For A Delicious Holiday
Carmelized brussel sprouts with bacon, blue cheese, thyme, and balsamic reduction.

2. Sprouts n pear n thyme

An equally tasty way to cast aside those negative sprout associations. The addition of thyme and pear combine a sweet fruity and savoury delicious side dish addition. This vegan recipe also offers the option to use apples and pecans as a preferred flavour.

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3. Sausage stuffing

Stuffing, despite its name, doesn’t actually have to but stuffed into something. Stuffing is a perfect side dish option too. This recipe does suggest stuffing into a bird, but just letting you know your wide world of side dish options. This recipe I have recommended is a rich Italian take on stuffing using sausage and bread for a luxurious and self-proclaimed rustic way to show off your cooking skills this holiday.

12 Christmas Side Dishes For A Delicious Holiday

4. Mushroom stuffing

Now this recipe is designed as a side dish, no alterations necessary. This garlic and nutty mushroom stuffing are delicious and so more-ish. Keep ‘em coming back for more.

12 Christmas Side Dishes For A Delicious Holiday

5. Pigs in blankets

These are my all-time favourite Christmas holiday side dish. A lot of people buy pigs in blankets pre-made in store. But don’t be deterred, these sausage and bacon combo of greasy goodness are not that hard to make yourself! Or even that time-consuming… This recipe has a delicious honey glaze as the perfect final touch.

12 Christmas Side Dishes For A Delicious Holiday

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6. Vegan mash

This recipe claims to be creamy, garlicky and buttery… oh and vegan! Mash is a simple side dish but one you want to make sure you get right. This recipe is really simple and produces delicious results.

12 Christmas Side Dishes For A Delicious Holiday

7. Smashed roasties

Now, these aren’t little-drunk potatoes. But they might make you feel drunk of love for their crispy skins. Garlic seems unavoidable in many of these recipes… but we are definitely not complaining. It stars again in this recipe. Check out how to add a little umph to your roasties without extra effort.

12 Christmas Side Dishes For A Delicious Holiday

8. Honey roasted carrots

We could never leave carrots out of the running. These are a sweet and quick recipe to bang into the oven and happily leave until they are ready.

12 Christmas Side Dishes For A Delicious Holiday

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9. Creamed spinach

White sauce and parmesan marry spinach into a really creamy almost sauce that is in fact an unmissable Christmas side dish.

12 Christmas Side Dishes For A Delicious Holiday

10. Baked rosemary beet chips

These add a perfect crunch to your side dishes. A tasty vessel for that creamed spinach!

11. Apple walnut slaw

A Christmas take on the classic slaw. A really colourful addition to your side dishes too.

12 Christmas Side Dishes For A Delicious Holiday

12. Butternut squash with pecans and blue cheese

This recipe combines three different textures in a celebration of sweet and sour. One to give a test run this Christmas. It will soon become your annual favourite.

Christmas side dishes!

The best holiday side dishes are ones that are delicious and not too time-consuming – because I am sure there is so much else going on for you on Christmas day. All these recipes scream delicious. A lot of them are very simple. A lot are a few simple ways to make the best OG side dishes really pop this holiday. I hope you have gotten some inspiration from these ideas. Make your Christmas side dishes one or more of these for a delicious holiday.

Would you make one of these Christmas side dishes? Let us know in the comments below!
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12 Christmas Side Dishes For A Delicious Holiday

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