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8 Christmas Shots For A Wild Holiday Party

The Christmas season is on the way. Some of you out there may want to throw a party, to celebrate the festivities. And some parties call for some nice Christmas shots. Here are eight of them to get things going.


Two ounces of Butterscotch Schnapps, four ounces of Bailey’s Irish Cream, an ounce of Kahlua and Cointreau each all mixed into one sweet Christmas shot. A great drink to really start off the festivities. Just mix all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice, shake vigorously until cold, and then strain into five glasses. Now, you can start the party with a delicious Christmas Cookie shot!


The name might not convey a traditional Christmas shot, but it’s worth it when it’s time to party…if you can find the time. The problem is, this shot calls for bacon fat-washed whiskey and peanut butter-infused amaretto, components which take a long time to complete. If you want to make this Christmas shot in time for the party, you need at least five hours to prepare it, bare minimum. The recipe can be found here, courtesy of The Spruce Eats.


Appropriate for the season, wouldn’t you say? This layered shot, minty and fruity at the same time, takes less than five minutes to make.  3/4 ounces of grenadine, green creme de menthe and peppermint schnapps, and perhaps a steady hand, and you’ll have an appropriately themed shot ready for 16 people. There are some layering techniques that you can apply to making this shot and, once again, thanks to The Spruce Eats, you learn how to do them, as well as make some interesting variations to this Christmas shot, located here.


While Brandy may be more of an adult drink, and not the fist choice when someone thinks of creating a Christmas shot, it still found its way on this list. Combined with some peppermint schnapps and creme de cacao, this is a low-maintenance drink that can be served to delivery that minty chocolate drink you were looking for.


Three adult drinks, all served in one tiny shot glass. Bourbon, scotch, and whiskey, combined together to make a drink that isn’t as heavy as you might think. To make it, you just need a half-ounce of each drink, shake well, pour, and there you go! A smooth shot for the festivities. This is one of our favorite Christmas shots!

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One of the more potent options on our list, the Snowshoe shot calls for 3/4 ounces of Wild Turkey bourbon whiskey, and 3/4 ounces of peppermint schnapps (which I’m beginning to see as a regular ingredient among all these options). Mix together, shake well, and strain into your shot glass. You can use other bourbons, but if you want to stay true to form, then get Wild Turkey. However, you have to be aware of how strong the Wild Turkey you get is, as it does have 100-proof options.


For some reason, I have node why, I was surprised when I discovered a shot that was called ‘The Carrot Cake.’ Maybe Bugs Bunny likes to really party during the holidays? Anyway, you need a third-ounce of Bailey’s Irish Cream, Goldschlager Liqueur, and Butterscotch Schnapps each, mix, shake and strain, then you’re done!


We started with a cookie shot, and we’ll end with a cookie shot. A great Christmas shot for dessert, the Oatmeal Cookie is arguably sweeter than the Christmas Cookie. 3/4 ounces of butterscotch schnapps and Irish cream liqueur, and a splash of Jägermeister and cinnamon schnapps each, and you’re ready to mix and serve. This is one of the best Christmas shots!

These are only eight Christmas shots that you serve your friends this holiday season. Any others you want to recommend? How about different recipes than the ones mentioned above? Let us know below!
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Jake Lyde

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