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12 Christmas Nail Ideas That Would Have Mrs. Clause Jealous

Christmas time is soon approaching and what better way to get into the holiday spirit than by getting one of these cute Christmas Nail Ideas done! Getting your nails done makes you feel pampered and pretty already, but adding Chrismas into the mix of it only makes it better. It is a great reminder of the season too! Every time you look at your nails you will be hit with the excitement that Christmas is coming. Also, Christmas only happens once a year so you should take advantage of all the holiday activities you can participate in, and getting festive nails is one of them. So what are you waiting for? Get one of these Christmas Nail Ideas and you will be making all the girls jealous! 

1. Christmas Nail Ideas #1 – Green And Gold Ornaments

These nails are super cute! They are sleek, mature, and festive! Go with this style if you want something more simple and sophisticated. This doesn’t scream Christmas like some other Christmas Nail Ideas on this list. This is subtle and merely whispers it. 

2. Christmas Nail Ideas #2 – Pink Ornaments

These nails are for the girly-girl at heart. If you love all things pink but still want to participate in showing your holiday cheer than this is just the nail art for you! You are sure to get a lot of compliments on this cute, unique way of showing your Christmas spirit. 

3. Christmas Nail Ideas #3 – Classic Red and Green Plaid

What is more Christmas than the good ole red and green color combination? Can you think of anything? The odds are that you can’t because this color scheme is quintessential of the Christmas holiday season. These nails with the plaid accent finger are reminiscent of what a traditional Christmas looks like. If you love traditional Christmas decor then it is likely that this Christmas Nail Idea is the one for you!

4. Christmas Nail Ideas #4 – White With Holly

This Christmas Nail Idea is for those who typically love a good floral pattern. It is also for those who lean towards getting a more simplistic design. This is a Christmas Nail Idea that most people do not get but is one that would definitely catch many peoples’ eyes. Grab the attention of all your girl friends with this nail option!

5. Christmas Nail Idea #5 – Red And Green With Mistletoe

These nails are so cute and they are perfect for Christmas! Make all of your friends and family members go “wow” by sporting this nail idea! It is a timeless classic – getting mistletoe as a nail accent during the holiday season – and there is no reason to stop getting something that is always such a good pick. After all, it is called a classic for a reason!

6. Christmas Nail Ideas #6 – Disney Christmas

If you love Christmas and you love Disney then these are the nails for you! It has been arguably said that nobody does Christmas better than Disney and if that is true, then there could be no better nail art than this! These nails are sure to get everyone talking. They are super cute and unique! Besides, if you can’t be at Disneyland this Christmas, you might as well sport the Disneyland Christmas look. 

7. Christmas Nails Idea #7 – Candycane Nails

The treat that Christmas is most known for is candy canes. The red and white of the candy cane is something that can make you immediately think of Christmas so if you want nails that really scream Chrismas, there is no better nail idea than this! Plus, the snowflake and bedazzled accent nail make this nail idea even cuter and more mature! 

8. Christmas Nail Ideas #8 – Christmas Red Nails

If you are anything like me and are obsessed with the color red then you will use Christmas time as an excuse to wear this color any chance you can get. Wear red shoes, red clothes, and finish it off by getting your nails done this red color. This red color is not in your face, it is just the right shade of red that is flattering and reminds you of Christmas time. This is a simple Christmas Nail Idea that you are sure to love and that you cannot go wrong with!

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9. Christmas Nail Idea #9 – Christmas Variety Nails

These Christmas nails are perfect for those who love Christmas so much that they just cannot choose which Christmas design to go with. Reindeers? Snowflakes? Christmas tree? Why not all of the above! This Christmas Nail Idea lets you show off all the things that make Christmas so great and it does so in a cute way. The nail art for this idea all blends and works well together, creating a cohesive adorable look that everyone will say “aww” to when they see it. 

10. Christmas Nail Ideas # 10 – Matte Maroon Nails

This Christmas Nail Idea is sophisticated, mature, and subtle. The matte texture of these nails makes it super trendy and fashionable. The nail art is also unique with some of the linework being textured which only makes the nail art pop even more. 

11. Christmas Nail Ideas #11 – Green and Beige Nails

These Christmas nails are super cute for many reasons! For one, the texturing and detail of the nail art are incredible. Second, you wouldn’t think tan would work as a Christmas color, but oddly enough it is done in a way that resembles gingerbread. Gingerbread is an essential Christmas dessert that everyone loves so I imagine having nails that resemble it will make everyone go crazy. Lastly, the green color that is primarily used for this nail idea pulls the whole thing together. It is a dark green that reminds me of a Christmas tree and what kind of green could be better than that? 

12. Christmas Nail Ideas #12 – Glitter Red And Gold

Last but not least, these Christmas nails are perfect for those who love all things glitz and glam. These glittery nails are just the thing to catch the attention of others. It is attention-grabbing but it surely isn’t tacky. These nails are done perfectly in a way that balances glitter and sparkles with Christmas timelessness and holiday cheer. 

Which of these 12 Christmas Nail Ideas grabbed your interest the most? Let us know which you pick to make all of your friends jealous down in the comments below!

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