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10 Christmas Makeup Ideas You Need To Copy

If Christmas is your favorite time of the year, then let your holiday spirit shine through in not just your home decor and clothes, but makeup too! That’s right, even your makeup look can rep’ what Christmas is all about. Wear some holiday glam to your next office party, family party, or college party! These Christmas makeup ideas are perfect for all occasions, so get your creative juices flowin’ because these 10 styles will have you in the spirit!

1) A Bold Sharp Eye & Lips

Nothing makes a bigger statement then a sharp wing and some bold lips! Rock that burgundy color and everyone will for sure be looking your way!

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2) A Warm Toned Gold Eye

If you’ve ever squinted your eyes and looked at a Christmas tree, it will appear gold and shimmery. Similarly, this makeup look is the same! Complete your eye look with gold glitter, you can never go wrong with a look like this as one of your Christmas makeup ideas!

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3) Leave It To The Lips

You can never go wrong wearing a bold lip to a holiday event, and the best part is you don’t have to load your makeup on to achieve a completed glam. Just add some eyeliner and light eye shadow and you’re good to go!

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4) Falsies, Falsies, Falsies

False lashes not only make for one of the best Christmas makeup ideas, but just a great makeup idea in general! Wear them to an event, or just with your fam for some Christmas pictures, your eyes will look wide awake and refreshed!

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5) Glitter Is Absolutely Needed

I don’t think any holiday makeup glam is complete without some added glitter. Top any eye shadow style with some sparkle and you’ll be screaming Christmas!

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6) A Bare Eye And Bold Lip

As long as you have a deep lip going, your eyes don’t need a lot of depth. Just throw on some lengthening mascara and let your lips complete the glam!

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7) Shimmery Eyes & Sharp Brows

As I mentioned previously, glitter can always complete an eye shadow look – and so can a shimmer! A shimmery eye shadow creates a glossy look that is super trendy and looks great for the holidays!

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8) The Natural Look

Let your natural beauty shine through and enhance your features with a look similar to the one below! Compliment your eyes by adding some colored liner, and tie it altogether with a nude lip!

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9) Gradient Lips & Highlight Galore

Gradient lips are definitely a work of art, but once you do it, you’ll be satisfied with your results! Gradient lips paired with highlighted dewy skin is a makeup trend that suits the holiday season perfectly!

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10) Sparkly Eyes & Pink Lips

Keeping with the glittery theme, stick with a warm smokey eye and try out a pink lip! A great glam that is perfect for your next Christmas event!

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What were some of your favorite Christmas makeup ideas? Leave us a comment in the section below!

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