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15 Christmas Ideas For Your Holiday Stuck At Home

15 Christmas Ideas For Your Holiday Stuck At Home

Welp, it’s looking like we’re all going to be here for a while longer. We don’t know when quarantine is going to be lasting for, so we’ve gotta figure out how to have fun while going outside as little as possible. This includes trying to figure out activities for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and possibly even Christmas. 

Speaking of Christmas, we’ve got several fun actives for you to do with your friends, your family, or even just by yourself. We’ve got reading, hanging out with your friends virtually, movies, and all the fun stuff you can do to fill the day during Christmas time! Who says you’ve gotta be bored on Christmas? 

Okay, we’ll stop rambling. Here’s fifteen ways to have fun while you’re at home for the holidays! 

1. Movie Night on Zoom!

The first one of the capping block is having fun watching Christmas movies with your friends on Zoom! That, or you could totally watch terrible movies and criticize it all together. It’s always fun when you’re making fun of movies with your friends. 

You could even set up a poll on which movies to watch next! 

15 Christmas Ideas For Your Holiday Stuck At Home

2. Create or Buy an Advent Calendar 

For the uninitiated, an advent calendar is typically a box with different days of December, leading up to Christmas. It has a plethora of different items; sometimes Sephora does makeup advent calendars, and there’s even a few advent calendars where they have socks for each day! It’s super cute. 

That, or you could totally make one yourself! Buy a few items and make it in advance, that way you can forget about it completely, then be surprised when you open everything up! 

3. Bake! A Lot!

Christmas is prime baking time. Everything is peppermint or cinnamon flavored, and it’s all fine and dandy. So why not bake some treats for you or for the people you live with? Bake some cookies, some desserts, some other treats, and you’re good to go! 

15 Christmas Ideas For Your Holiday Stuck At Home


4. Make your own ornaments

If you’re feeling a bit bored, and you want to add some special memories to the Christmas tree, make some ornaments! You can do it with your family, just you, or with your friends through Zoom. It’s the perfect creative Christmas activity to do for the holidays! 

15 Christmas Ideas For Your Holiday Stuck At Home

5. Cross Stitch on some Pillows 

Okay, if you’ve never cross stitched, now is the time to do so. Buy some supplies, look up a few videos, and practice, practice, practice! Then, when you’re ready, you can do some cross stitching on some empty looking pillows, and make them into something Santa Claus would be proud of.

15 Christmas Ideas For Your Holiday Stuck At Home


6. Everyone builds Gingerbread houses on Zoom!

This is a fun Christmas activity if you’re friends can’t get together for the holidays. Make sure everyones bought a gingerbread house kit, pick a date, and get together on Zoom to make gingerbread houses together. Shoot the shit, have fun, and laugh with your buddies. It’ll bring all of you that much closer!

7. Secret Santa

Doing a Secret Santa is part of the appeal of Christmas. It means paying attention to what your friends and family like, and doing it! There’s many randomly generated programs online that you can use to help everyone get their Secret Santa. To combat this problem, you can have one person be the organizer, and they can tell each designated person who they’re gifting to. 

We’re sure you’ll make it work!

8. Make s’mores 

Making s’mores is a staple in camping, but realistically, almost no one is going to want to be camping during Christmas. Unless you want to, then totally do it. But this is for the homebodies, so no camping people here! Okay, so people at home who will be staying home, making s’mores is super fun, and you can do it with your kids. 

9. Paint and Sip! 

Do y’all want to paint? Do you want to do something with your friends during Christmas? Painting is the way to go! And once you mix it with eggnog (preferably spiked with a little something), talking and laughing, then you’ll be having a grand ol’ time! You can screen share one of Bob Ross’ videos and just paint along. 

15 Christmas Ideas For Your Holiday Stuck At Home

10. Make a Wreath

Creativity can flow in many ways. We just talked about paint, and now we’re going to suggest you make a wreath! It would be a fun activity to do with your family. If you have kids, then they can even make their own tiny wreath for Christmas! 

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11. Read a New Book

Maybe you don’t want to hang out with family or friends. Maybe your family is toxic, and you don’t have plans with friends. Whatever the case may be, just chill out, and read a book. You don’t have to decorate your house if you don’t want to, and you probably already have gifts for your friends. So just lay down, chill, and read a new book for Christmas. 

Jut remember you’re not obligated to decorate or make Christmas dinner. 

12. Play Video Games with your Friends!

You’ve got friends, you’ve got video games, and you’ve got a phone, most likely. Set up a Zoom date with those friends, and play some fun games together for Christmas! Among Us is a multiplayer indie game that’s super popular right now, so you can set up a private game, and just play for a few hours. 

13. Send soldiers letters and greeting cards

Soldiers are most likely going to be alone during Christmas or just the holidays in general. Why not send a few postcards or letters in the mail to some soldiers? They might just feel a bit less lonely, and you can make someone’s night. It’s just something nice. 

15 Christmas Ideas For Your Holiday Stuck At Home

14. Take a walk, looking at all the Christmas decorations

This isn’t really something that’s an inside activity, but if you’re feeling a bit stuffy inside your house, then it’s refreshing to just take a walk. Take a walk and look around at all the Christmas decorations on people’s houses. It’s like house watching! It’s not creepy at all, we promise.

15. Sleep in

Sleep in. That’s it, that’s literally it. Don’t celebrate. Just sleep. That’ll be your form of celebrating. This is us, giving you permission. Do it. 

15 Christmas Ideas For Your Holiday Stuck At Home


 That’s all the ideas we’ve got so far! Christmas is a wonderful time, and you should be having fun with whomever you like to celebrate with, whether it’s with your friends, family, or your partner. This year has been really, really rough on everyone, so hopefully by Christmas time, everything dies down. Here’s to hoping that it’ll get better as time goes on! Happy Christmas! 

What’s the Christmas activity that you’re planning on doing? Let us know! 

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