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10 Christmas Gifts For Mom And Dad That They’ll Appreciate

10 Christmas Gifts For Mom And Dad That They’ll Appreciate

When it comes to the holidays, our parents spoil us all year, so we want to return that and give them Christmas gifts that we know they’ll love. Sometimes we think we have a good idea, and it flops. Other times time gets away from us and your gift may not be as great as you would have wished. Here are some gifts to put under the tree this Christmas that are sure to impress Mom and Dad. 


Whether it’s something they can plant in their garden outside or some succulents for the kitchen counter, a house or garden plant helps to brighten the space it is in, and it gives them something else to take care of (as if you aren’t already enough!). Bamboo is a great plant to put in your kitchen, and some even can be assembled to grow in the shape of a heart. Succulents on their bedroom window will get just enough light, are relatively low maintenance, and will boost their mood every time they see it. If you’re in an area that doesn’t get a white Christmas, a plant for their outdoor garden might even give them fruits and vegetables to enjoy.

Custom couple illustration

Find a great photo of them, and have it turned into an illustration by a local or small business who does that sort of thing! A spin on a classic print out, this showcases the two of them (or maybe also you and your furry friends) in a unique way. You can frame it, or get a digital version so they can use it as wallpapers on devices. This is sure to be a conversation starter when guests come over, and a piece unlike no other. 


*10 Christmas Gifts For Mom And Dad That They’ll Appreciate

Fitbit/Active watches

If your parents like to workout together, get them activity tracker watches they can work out wearing together! Most of these types of watches have a feature that allows them to share their activity with others, so they can have competitions as well with their steps, calorie counts, etc.! Most activity watches are also customizable, with different watch bands and faces, and some of the more advanced ones double also as smart watches, allowing you to send and receive texts, calls, and more. 

Cook books

If spending time together in the kitchen is your parents thing, get them a cook book or two! This will open them up to new recipes, and allow them to experiment and try them out together. Plus, you’ll probably get to try the meals they’re making! Get them a cook book for breakfast, for lunch, and for dinner. Or, get one that features a type of cooking they may not know much about (or that you may want to try!). Maybe your parents are looking to cut down on the take out. This is the perfect way to get them back into cooking!


Kitchen aprons

Branching off the cook book idea, how cute would matching aprons be for them to wear in the kitchen together! Even if they’re silly and have cheesy sayings on them, they will keep them clean int he kitchen, and make cooking together even more fun! They also aid in creating adorable photo ops. This is a Christmas gift that is such to provide enjoyment all year round. Maybe it can be their newest tradition, they cook in them on holidays together!

*10 Christmas Gifts For Mom And Dad That They’ll Appreciate

Throw pillows

Many throw pillows can be customized, and the possibilities with that for your parents are really endless. You can customize it to be just their first names, or the last name they share, or the first name of everyone in your house! Some throw pillows can also be customized to have a picture on it. This can be a photo of your parents, the whole family, or even your pet! A year-long enjoyable Christmas gift, this can adorn any room in the house, and remind them of great memories. 


23andMe DNA test

Learn a bit more about your family history by gifting your parents a 23andMe DNA test. They can learn more about where exactly their families are from, and what that means for you as their child! Many people have reported learning something new about their family after taking a DNA test, and you never know what it might find! This is truly a unique Christmas gift, and will have them talking to their friends and family all about what the test found. 

Personalized Christmas ornament

A personalized ornament incorporates the whole family into something that can help to decorate the tree year after year. Based on what your family is like and interested in, you can get one that looks like you all, or makes you all into fun characters like snowmen! You can also opt for something that isn’t holiday themed, and they will be able to leave this Christmas gift out all year round!

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Wine tumblers

Perfect for if your parents love to travel (or just likes to drink outside), a set of wine tumblers are perfect for the couple who are always out and on the go. Pick up a bottle to go with the two tumblers, and you’ve got yourself a nice little gift! 

These Brumate wine tumblers with lids are a perfect gift and can easily be taken on the go. They’re insulated and are guaranteed to last through many glasses of wine. Coming in both feminine and more manly prints, Brumate makes a pattern for anyone. 

*10 Christmas Gifts For Mom And Dad That They’ll Appreciate


Hometown candle

This candle is guaranteed to bring anyone back to a certain place or time that is special to them. Homesick Candles make candles that are related to different places around the country. Pick a place that is special to your parents, like where they’re from, where they got married, anywhere! It will bring back nostalgia, and add a spice of somewhere else memorable to them to their current home.

*10 Christmas Gifts For Mom And Dad That They’ll Appreciate

What are you getting for your parents this Christmas? Are you opting for nostalgia? Practicality? Humor? Let us know!

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