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16 Christmas Gift Ideas For Couples Under $30

16 Christmas Gift Ideas For Couples Under $30


Thinking of christmas gift ideas for certain people in our lives is hard enough, never mind trying to find a gift fitting for two people! If your list includes shopping for a couple this year, we’ve compiled a list of christmas gift ideas perfect for that couple in your life. Whether you’re searching for Christmas gift ideas for couples who have everything already or are just moving in together, these are great gifts for any duo!

1) Drinking Glasses For The Royal Couple

Okay so they might not actually be “The” royal couple..but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t feel like it?! Whether they love a good glass of beer or wine, these matching drinking glasses are fit for a King and a Queen!



2) Or Maybe Something That’s A Little More Accurate

If you want to get into details, go for these King & Queen stemless wine glasses that probably accurately depict 98% of all relationships.

3) A Cute Set Of Pillow Cases

Waking up next to your s/o each morning isn’t always rainbows and butterflys, but why not make the best of it? These cute pillowcases will make a great addition to any couple’s bedroom aesthetic.


4) A Breakfast Sandwich Maker

If only we all had the time to wake up with our BAE each morning, cook some pancakes and read the newspaper together. Newsflash: we don’t! Most couples wake up, get ready for work, grab what they need and go. Make their lives a little easier with this handy breakfast sandwich maker which will give them a tasty sandwich on-the-go in just a couple minutes!

5) A Pizza Cooking Stone

Long gone are the days of microwavable frozen pizzas. Every household needs a pizza stone. Simply prepare your pizza on the stone, slip it into the oven and you’ll have a delicious, perfectly cooked pizza with just the right amount of crisp.


6) Kitchen Towels

Doing the dishes is always easier in pairs. These cute little kitchen towels are perfect for assigning the tasks of who will do what. (They also just look adorable hanging in the kitchen.)

7) A Journal For Two

This interactive 3-year journal is one of the cutest couple gift ideas for christmas! Each day is filled with different Q&A’s for you and your partner to get to know each other and make memories!


8) An Adult Activity Book

Every couple knows that sometimes you just run out of fun things to do which can leave you feeling in a lull. These activity books are perfect for couples looking for something to do if they just want to stay in for the night!


9) A Cookbook For Two

With over 650 recipes to choose from, this cookbook for two perfectly portions out meals for couples! You’ll become master chefs in no time.



10) A Set For Entertaining

Every couple needs a good set of drinkware for entertaining guests. And you can’t go wrong a set of moscow mule mugs. This set of 4 comes with a gift box, 4 mugs, 4 straws and a shooter.


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11) Tickets To A Sports Game

Whether it be hockey, football, baseball or basketball, sports games are fun no matter where you’re sitting. It might not only be $30 but for lots of NHL and NBA games, you can find cheap tickets for any game if you look hard enough!



12) An Amazon Gift Card

Amazon gift cards make great Christmas gift ideas for couples.You simply can’t go wrong with an Amazon gift card because Amazon literally has anything and everything a person could need. Just order a gift card and let them pick their own gift!


13) A Grocery Store Gift Card

When it comes to christmas gift ideas for couples who have everything, the one thing they can always use is money for groceries! Just head to their local grocery store and pick up a gift card. You KNOW this is such a useful gift.

14) A DIY Movie Night

Assemble a “movie night in a box” for your couple! You can buy one of these vintage looking popcorn tubs on Amazon. All you need to do next is throw in some boxed candy..and add a movie theater gift card if you want!

15) An Old Fashioned Bottle Of Wine

Need I say more?


16) A Restaurant Gift Card

Likewise. Let’s get one thing straight here, anything pertaining to food is never a bad gift idea for anyone. Either get a restaurant gift card to a restaurant they love, or search the area for a new trendy spot they might not know about yet!

Can you think of anymore Christmas gift ideas for couples that should be on this list? Let us know down below!

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