Why I Chose To Go To School In NYC

I’m not a city kid. I was raised in a number of small towns or by the beach, and I loved it. I went to high school in Florida and usually when I tell people that they look at me like I have seven heads. “You left Florida? To come to New York?!” And my answer to that is, “Of course!” Read on for why I chose to go to school in NYC.


Don’t get me wrong, I will forever pledge allegiance to the small town life but I think everyone should live in a city while they’re young. If you’re already from a city, you have an advantage. It’s a great experience to have in your repertoire. It’s kind of like traveling, in that it gives you a different, broader perspective on people, places, and things.

The city, especially New York City, is full of endless opportunities. That was the main reason I chose to study here. With about 1 in every 38 people that reside in the U.S. living in New York, there are plenty of people out there to meet. These people could be employers, mentors, or friends. Like I said, endless opportunities.


The city forces you to meet people if you let it. It doesn’t matter if you go to school here or somehow find yourself working in a high-rise, you can’t stay in your room forever. I have been lucky enough to have professors who currently work in my field of study and are passionate about what they do. One such professor had a day job in the city (in one of those high rises I mentioned before,) and would come to campus from 7 pm-10 pm every Monday night to teach us about advertising. Relevant connections that are literally at my fingertips.

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I see New York City as being the hub of just about everything. You want fashion? Sure! What about something like finance? Duh! The phrase “The universe doesn’t revolve around you” doesn’t apply to New Yorkers. You can’t ignore New York City. Even when I spent time abroad I told people I was from New York and not a single person had to pull out a map to see where it was. Everyone knows this city.


Most importantly, don’t lose your awe and wonder of the city. Be a professional tourist. Go see the tree at Rockefeller Center every year, marvel at the ceiling of Grand Central station, and go have breakfast at Tiffany’s. Discover New York City every day.

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Montana Allen

Montana is currently a junior advertising major at St. John's University. Contrary to her name, she has lived almost everywhere except the state of Montana. She went to high school in Florida and decided to brave the cold of New York to be closer to the city. She loves being in New York, traveling, and experiencing new things!

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