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Why I Chose To Be An Advertising Major At SJU

While every major at St. John’s will provide you with amazing opportunities, advertising felt like the perfect fit for me. Here are just five of the many reasons why I chose to be an advertising major at SJU!

1. Advertising clubs.

St. John’s University has a huge and diverse community, and because of that there are countless opportunities, one of which include clubs. Students are able to gain professional experience in their majors and well as cater to their interests. Within the advertising major there are so many diverse clubs that tailor to everyone’s interests and talents! Advertising Society, Communications Club, Management Club, Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture, Communications Arts Film Society and WSJU-RADIO are just some of the numerous clubs for advertising!


2. Program variety.

Another great thing about the advertising major here at St. Johns University is the diversity of programs. There are numerous things you can do in the advertising field and St. Johns University really helps you to explore the options. Are you someone who wants to work with clients and manage both administrative and creative work for an advertising campaign? Look no further, St. John’s has an advertising account executive program. If math and consumer behavior is more your thing, there is a media planning track. Have more of a creative mind? There’s a program for that too!

3. Creative classes.

No matter what program you pick, the classes for advertising here are life-changing. When I chose to be an advertising major I made sure there were creative classes available. I’m more than happy with the classes St. John’s offers. I have learned skills like filming, copywriting, marketing and more!

4. Dedicated professors.

The professors here have given me so much professional advice and I can’t thank them enough for that. Not only did I learn the fundamentals of advertising, I also learned about the field and what kind of jobs are out there. I got hands on experience with projects, mini internships and people in the advertising field who came to talk to the students. All thanks to the dedicated professors here at St. Johns!

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5. Connections.

Students here benefit from a huge range of connections. Whether it’s from the alumni network, faculty or contacts in New York City’s advertising industry, St. John’s has you covered for after graduation. This kind of network allows you to find the perfect internship and even job opportunities! Another reason why I love being a Johnnie!

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Angela Gattuso

Angela is a student at St. John’s University majoring in Advertising Communications. Her career aspirations include becoming a Creative Director as well as one day managing her own non-profit organization. In her spare time she writes poetry, goes to the gym and loves to spend time with quality friends.

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