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10 Things To Look For When Choosing Your Roommate

10 Things To Look For When Choosing Your Roommate

Meeting your college roommate for the first time can be nerve-wracking! When choosing your roommate, here are things to look for and think about beforehand.

When a college gives you the opportunity to pick your roommate, it’s a blessing in disguise. Some colleges don’t allow at least the freshmen to pick their roommate, but instead give you a personality quiz to see if they can match you up with someone similar to your lifestyle. Some colleges, however, will let you pick your own roommate. It’s a nice offer, but it can be a stressful process trying to figure out who you could live with for eight to nine months. There can be so much to consider about a person before choosing your roommate, but no worries, you truly only need to consider the 10 below!


1. Someone who has a similar sleep schedule as you.

The matter of when to turn off the lights to go to sleep can easily become an issue if you and your roommate don’t go to bed around the same time. If you are someone who is used to going to bed past midnight, but your potential roommate is someone who likes to be in bed by ten o’clock, you might want to reconsider that person. It’s nothing against them personally, you just might find later that you prefer someone who goes to sleep around the same time as you.



2. Someone who has a similar work environment as you.

This one doesn’t seem like it’s that big of a deal because everyone has their own methods of studying and getting work done. However, if your roommate is someone who stays up late doing work and can only get work done when sitting on their bed, or if you’re someone who can only do work when there is peace and quiet and your roommate likes to play music while doing their work, it can become an issue. This doesn’t hurt to know and keep in the back of your mind when making the decision.



3. Someone who has a similar living environment as you.

This can be a huge contributing factor to the decision because everyone has different ideas of how they want their room to feel like. For instance, would you want it to be your sanctuary away from the group or would you like it to be the cool hang out spot that constantly has people flowing in and out of it? Not only that, but would you, a possible neat freak, be able to live with someone who is a bit more messy than you are?


4. Someone who has a different class schedule as you.

This might not be something you can consider if you both haven’t recieved your class schedule yet; however, this can be important. You might not be completely used to sharing a room and being constantly surrounded by people. College can also be overwhelming and stressful, especially in the beginning. Being able to compare schedules can help you determine how much alone time you will be allowed. You might believe you don’t need it, but knowing it’s there is always nice.



5. Someone who is respectful.

In general, everyone wants to be shown respect. If you are living with someone, it’s important and almost vital that you show him or her respect because a lack of respect can create an awkward and possibly hostile living environment. This might be difficult to determine before meeting the potential roommate, but you can try to get a feel by the way they talk to you.

6. Someone who is great with communication.

Strong communication skills are not just necessary in the workplace. You should know that when you live with someone, it isn’t just your room or his or her room, you share the room together. So if something that made either of you unhappy such as being noisy while you slept, you should both be comfortable in talking to your roommate about it. I understand it might be awkward and uncomfortable, but keeping silent for too long will only create more tension between you and your roommate.



7. Someone who has a similar personality as you.

I’m not saying you have to go searching for your long lost twin, but someone that has a similar personality as you isn’t a horrible thing to consider. If you have a bubbly personality and you live with someone who is a bit more negative, he or she’s negativity might begin to have a toll on your happy personality. If you think you might live better with someone who has a different personality than you, then by all means find someone who does. It is simply something to consider.

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8. Someone with similar and different interests as you.

Living with someone who has similar interests as you is a great way to break the ice in the beginning. It will give you guys topics to talk about along with activities and clubs to join together while getting to know the person you will be living with. If you both did choir in school, then audition for the accapella group together or simply join the campus choir. It’s not an entirely bad thing if you and your roommate also have different interests. That will give you both the opportunity to do your own thing in college along with a break away from each other.



9. Someone with a good sense of personal hygiene.

I think we all like to think that everyone out there brushes their teeth twice a day and at least washes their body once a day. In college, however, you might meet some interesting characters who have a different take on life, which is totally fine. However, the living situation might not be ideal.


10. Someone who you can trust.

I understand and believe that trust needs to be earned and can be difficult to determine if you haven’t met or known the person for long; however, it doesn’t hurt to go with your gut feeling. If you are talking to someone who could potentionally be your roommate, but there is something about them that makes you uncomfortable, then keep looking. Also, understand that you are picking someone to live with, which means that you have to be comfortable with them because they might see the best and/or worst of you.

What else should you consider when choosing your roommate? Let us know in the comments!
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