Choosing the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Type

Sunglasses are the perfect summer accessory, but sometimes it’s hard finding the perfect pair that will both complement your facial type and your outfit. United Shades says that sunglasses should be proportionate to face size and and the frame should contrast with your face shape. Here are even more tips on how to pick out that perfect pair of sunglasses, and where you can find a pair.


A heart-shaped face is one that has a broad forehead and wide cheek bones, which narrows down near the chin. You’ll want to look for glasses that draw attention downward and add width to the lower part of your face, such as cat-eyes sunglasses and or shapes with round edges. You don’t want top-heavy styles or sunglasses that have decorative temples, because those will accentuate the broad upper face.


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Lucky you! Pretty much every type of frame looks good on those who have an oval-shaped face. This means your proportions are mostly balanced, your chin is slightly narrower than your forehead and your cheekbones are high. Play around with different types and styles of sunglasses. Just be wary of sunglasses that are too big for your features.


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An oblong-shaped face is longer than it is wide. It has angular features with high cheekbones, a longer nose and a tall forehead. You want sunglasses that don’t go wider than the shape of the face, to try and make it look wider. Also look for tall frames to make the head look shorter. Temples with decorations on them will add width to the face.  Round or square frames would work best, just be careful of the proportions.


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A diamond-shaped face is narrow at the eye-line and jaw line, with a small forehead and chin. It has angular features and dramatic cheekbones. You don’t want styles that are wider than the tops of your cheekbones or narrow frames that draw attention to the narrowness of your eye-line. Look for oval-shaped frames, frames with rims, softly-curved square frames, or even cat-eye frames.


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The face has proportional height and width, a strong jawline, angular features, broad forehead, and a square chin. Oval and round frames look best, or cat-eye or butterfly shaped glasses would also work well on this face type. Look for glasses that have temples that are center-set or attach to the top of the frames. You’ll want to avoid square or geometric sunglasses which will accentuate the angular features of the face.


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A triangle-shaped face has a narrow forehead and eye-line that widens at the cheeks and chin. Look for semi-rimless frames, frames that have a straight top line and rounded bottoms. Cat-eyes are a good frame style for this face type. Avoid narrow frames that are out of proportion and glasses that have a low-set temple, which offsets the width of the jaw.


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Rounded cheeks with a rounded chin and few angles in the face. The width and length of face are in the same proportion. You’ll want to look for rectangular or shape styles to help make the face appear longer and thinner. You want glasses with temples that attach at the top to draw attention to the top of the face, and styles that are no wider than the broadest part of your face. You don’t want small frames that are out of proportion or short frames that draw attention to the length of the face.

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Your complexion and hair style can also factor in to how your sunglasses will look. To see more, check out this guide to picking out sunglasses.

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