How To Choose The Best Accent Wall For Your Space

Accent walls are a really fun way to add some pizazz to the average room. But sometimes they can be hard to place. And you want to make sure that you maximize your wall spaces. So here are five tips on how to choose the best accent wall!

1. Find the Natural Focal Point

When looking at the room where you want to put in an accent wall you have to find the natural focal point; where your eyes naturally look in that room. Your accent wall is going to draw attention no matter where you put it, but you want to make sure that the attention is drawn to the right place. In the bedroom, the best for an accent wall is behind the headboard. Or if you have a unique sofa, dramatic artwork, or another bold piece in the room, put your accent the wall behind it. This is one of the tips to find your best accent wall!

2. Create the Focal Point if There is None

Think about how you plan to decorate the space and what furniture you have to work with. By doing this you can use those elements and an accent wall to create a focal point in the room. If you’re working with a brand new and unfurnished space your accent wall will determine the color scheme for the rest of the room, so think about that and what kind of feeling that will add to your room.  For example, if you have a collection of framed photos, or any kind of art,  you want to hang, showcase them against the backdrop of the accent wall. Indoor plants can also serve as focal points. If you have a special plant or had your eye on something at the local nursery, highlight it with an accent wall. This is one of the tips to find your best accent wall!

3. Choose a Solid Wall Space

Accent walls look best on solid walls that have no openings, such as windows and doors. If you have large and open windows with a view of the beautiful scenery, that wall isn’t going to be a good wall to accent. The accent color may be more distracting. Natural light from large windows can also alter how the paint color looks on the wall, and you may not like the results. This isn’t a set rule, so if you have your heart set on accenting the wall with windows or a door, you can do that. And depending on the space it can look really good actually. You just have to really think about it. This is one of the tips to find your best accent wall!

4. Select the Farthest Short Wall in an Oblong Room

If you’re working with a long and skinny room, avoid accenting either of the long walls. The accent color will make them feel even longer, throwing the room off its natural balance. Accenting the farthest short wall will make it appear closer to you and balance the oblong shape of the room. Overall, this creates a more proportionate vibe in your space. If you aren’t interested in proportions, or if you want to emphasize the length of a room, feel free to totally ignore this advice. These are just basic rules of thumb. You have total artistic freedom over your home, so feel free to break any “rule” you want. This is one of the tips to find your best accent wall!

See Also

Favor More Muted Colors Over Bold Ones  

Rich and vibrant colors work very well for accent walls, but if you’re leaning toward a particularly bold statement color, like fire engine red, do some serious thinking before you take the plunge. This is especially true if the color you’re considering is a current trend. But if you want a vibrant color, then totally go for it! Trends come and go, and in the long run, you’ll probably be happier with something on more of a neutral scale. Another way to get an accent wall is by using wallpaper. This is a really great way to bring not only color but texture to your room. Accent walls bring character and vibrancy to any room you put one in, and they are most definitely a conversation starter. You get to show who you are in a unique way. And there are so many options! Accent walls for the win! This is one of the tips to find your best accent wall!

 Which of these tips on how to choose the best accent wall for your space are you going to follow? Let us know below.

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Tessa Woodall

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