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5 Chilly Snacks To Keep Yourself Cool Around the Los Angeles Area

Summer is definitely here, and maybe even to stay! Although L.A. is surrounded by beautiful beaches and temperatures can reach 100 degrees, the summer here is not all about going to the actual beach itself, but instead finding other fun ways to stay cool when you’re faraway from the ocean. Summer in the City of Stars is hot that it’s all about staycations in hotels with cool pools, ice cream runs, admiring the great AC, and chilly picnics under the trees. However, if there are fun ways of eat your way through summer and still keep yourself refreshed! So here are 5 chilly snacks to keep yourself cool around the Los Angeles Area.

1. Sunlife Organics Fruit Bowls

You haven’t had the best açaí bowl of your life, until you’ve tried one from Sunlife Organics. A Summer Bowl or a Bliss Bowl is all your body needs in order to cool down on a hot summer afternoon. It’s not just a simple blended fruit bowl with bananas and peanut butter on top, it’s an actual delicacy. All the ingredients are organic and fresh, and “the must” items are the young coconut Thai meat, which feels like heaven on earth in your mouth, and the cashew butter, silky, smooth and delicious. It’s guaranteed you won’t taste these deliciousness anywhere else! The Samurai Bowl for example has açaí, strawberry, banana, raw cacao, raw chocolate plant protein and hemp milk topped with granola, young Thai coconut meat, raw cashew butter, goji berries, bee pollen and raw rescue honey. If you’re wondering how it actually feels to eat this magical bowl, it’s basically like being able to eat a floral summer breeze. But, you should head out and experience it for yourself, it’s certainly a must in the list of chilly snacks to keep yourself cool around the Los Angeles Area.

2. Rita’s Italian Ice

Spread around the entire city, this ice cream parlor is an old-school classic among Angelinos. Don’t get fooled, it’s not your traditional boring ice cream, it’s actually soft-serve heaven (especially if you can’t make it to Disneyland to grab the famous Dole Whip). Rita’s is definitely the spot you wanna be at this hot summer, it offers crazy soft-serve and traditional ice cream conceptions that you won’t find anywhere else. For example, the rare and delicate “Italian Ice”, which is a signature classic and the mother of all snow cones, much smoother and made with real fruit, the “Gelati”, a mixture of your favorite Italian Ice and creamy Frozen Custard, and the fantastic “Misto”: Italian Ice and custard blended into creamy chilly potions that double as the perfect chilly snacks to keep yourself cool around the Los Angeles Area.

3. Salt & Straw

Think of your regular small-town ice cream shop, with a modern, edgy and daring tasteful twist. That’s what Salt & Straw is, and the precise reason why every single person in L.A. doesn’t mind venturing out into a 30 minute waiting line. It’s THAT good! What’s the catch? The mixture of random and crazy flavors or toppings with plain old-school ice cream. Plus, it’s a seasonal ice-cream parlor, which means the ice cream you taste is 100% unique, with flavors that rotate around the seasons making it imperative that you pay a visit to Salt & Straw every month! Some crazy flavors this season include: Mr. Holmes’ Cornflakes cookies with Boysenberry Jam, Birthday Cake and Blackberries, honey lavender and many more! Hurry up and take yourself and some friends to the nearest Salt & Straw location, you most definitely won’t regret making this your number 1 chilly snack to keep yourself cool around the Los Angeles Area.

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4. Mini Monster at Universal Citywalk

Mini Monster is what Instagram bubble tea dreams are made of. A sister brand of the original Instagram craze known as Snow Monster, this location will be buzzing with clients this summer! Not only are their drinks and treats beyond beautiful and completely instagrammable, but they’re actually delicious and very refreshing, a combination perfectly made for a hot summer day. Famous for serving their cute drinks in reusable glass jars, which you are encouraged to bring back for refills next visit, Mini Monster offers funky milk teas, matches, iced coffees, lemonades, fruit teas and fancy macarons. Hurry up before the line forms! Head over to Mini Monster and make it your new favorite spot for catching chilly snacks to keep yourself cool around the Los Angeles area.


There’s only two words to describe HONEYMEE ice cream: pure bliss! The geniuses at HONEYMEE have grabbed the two most delicious things in the world, honey and soft-serve ice cream, and put them together to create the most mouthwatering, yet simple, creamy desert! The thing is HONEYMEE’s Ice Cream is not just your regular soft-serve, it’s actual Milk Ice Cream made from fresh Californian milk, and 100% pure honey and honeycombs, whisked together into perfection. Although the classic treat is the Sweetie (milk ice cream drizzled with honey), the menu expands into magical chilly treats like Matcha Affogato, Dear Caramel, honey milkshakes, honey teas, and the latest and most creative addition: the “Cheese Cream Honey Tea”. Honestly, these chilly snacks are equally delicious as they are pretty, so should either check their Instagram account to make a mouthwatering temptation, or head over there in person to make the HONEYMEE milk ice cream your most favorite chilly snack to keep yourself cool around the Los Angeles Area.

So with summer escalating to the 100’s these upcoming months, which treat are you going to choose? If you can’t choose, just have them all! It’ll surely be a great food tour to get to know the most famous chilly snacks to keep yourself cool around the Los Angeles Area.

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