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5 Childhood TV Shows Millennials Should Rewatch

5 Childhood TV Shows Millennials Should Rewatch

As we get older it becomes harder for us to remember the lessons we were taught via our childhood tv shows. Not only were they a piece of our innocence but they were a part of what made us who we are. The media and basically everything we interact with since birth influences our identity, psychology and ideology. However, the business of adulthood and growing up can sometimes interfere with our memories, an we forget about our childhood. For this reason, we have come up with 5 childhood tv shows Millennials should rewatch.

1. Zoey 101

To recap, one of the best childhood tv shows was of a young girl named Zoey who lived in the PCA dorm room #101. In the beginning, Zoey is one of a few girls who are the first female students to attend PCA, which was previously only for boys. This is a show millennials should rewatch because it follows the story of a girl who constantly fights for the rights of girls, and struggles daily with proving that females are just as equal or better than their gender equivalent. In today’s society, a lot of females and males could use this show in their lives.

5 Childhood TV Shows Millennials Should Rewatch

2. X-Men: Evolution

This cartoon is another of the childhood tv shows millennials should rewatch. The cartoon shows the life of a couple of teenage mutants who must conform to acting normal to fit within society, for fear of being outcasted or even experimented on by non-mutants. If you take away the abilities and replace them with gender, race and sexuality, you might not get a big difference to our society in comparison. For this reason, millennials should rewatch this cartoon to understand how people who are classified as different feel in society, and maybe learn how to help those who are different.

5 Childhood TV Shows Millennials Should Rewatch

3. Pokemon

Pokemon is another of an all time favourite childhood tv shows which influenced many of our lives. Simply put, the cartoon follows the life of Ash Ketchum who goes out on his own at a very young age to become the very best Pokemon master. Along the way, he learns to become a great friend to both human and Pokemon (creature). He learns the lessons of sacrifice, saying goodbye and what is wrong and right. You can meet many friends in your life and everyone will be different. Ash Ketchum can re-teach millennials the significance of loving and accepting your friends for their differences – for who they are. Do not judge people or creatures for how they act, love them for it! Everyone has a reason behind their actions, it is only fair we hear it before settling on a judgement.

5 Childhood TV Shows Millennials Should Rewatch

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4. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy is number four of the childhood tv shows to rewatch because she was an iconic character who paved the way for female heroism. Not only was this show one of the first supernatural shows for millennials, but it was also one of the first shows to portray strong female characters. Buffy The Vampire Slayer shows the life of a delinquent teenage girl who was born to be the famous slayer of vampires. Although her academic life could have used a little help, her full time job as a slayer proved to the world, and young girls that being a female does not mean being the weaker gender. In fact, Buffy was always equal or even stronger than her male counterparts.

5 Childhood TV Shows Millennials Should Rewatch

5. Naruto

Naruto was one of the first anime childhood tv shows that came to North America. It followed the life of a young ninja who was cursed with a fox demon that once terrorized the people of his village. For this reason, people hated him and treated the boy as an outcast his whole life. However, their hatred only fuelled his dream of becoming the leader of the village so they could one day respect him. Naruto is a great show for millennials to rewatch because it teaches them to never give up on your dream. Naruto endured a lot of challenges and lost many loved ones, but he never gave up! He even touched a few hearts along the way. By the end of his journey, not only did he accomplish his dream, but he changed the way people perceived him.

These childhood tv shows had a significant place in our hearts. Are there any that we missed? Comment them down below!

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