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Your Childhood Was Not Complete Without These 11 Things

Your Childhood Was Not Complete Without These 11 Things

Depending on your experiences, you may look back on you childhood and smile, cringe, or laugh. But no matter your feelings toward your overalls and sneaker days, there are some things your childhood was not complete without.

1. The Pillsbury holiday sugar cookies.

These babies came personalized to nearly every holiday, and we loved every delicious bite of them.

yummy Pillsbury holiday sugar cookies


2. Rooting for your favorite character on the Disney Channel Games.

Our Selena has come a long way since her Disney Channel days.

cute Selena Gomez at Disney Channel games


3. Reenacting the movie Aquamarine when you were at the pool with your friends.

Admit it, this was you. There’s no shame in wanting to be a mythical sea creature.


throwback to Aquamarine


4. Wasting your time playing the Suite Life Pizza Party video game.

There was just something about this game that kept us coming back.

funny Zack & Cody gif

5. Shimmying and shaking to the High School Musical dance-along marathons.

We thought High School Musical was great, but the dance alongs were next level.


throwback to High School Musical days

6. High fives all around when you saw strawberry milk in the cooler at school.

Your childhood was not complete without a good strawberry milk and PB & J combo.

cute Strawberry milk carton


7. Collecting as many Webkinz stuffed animals as possible.

And then competing with your friends to see who could earn the most amount of money.

cute Webkinz pic

8. The Kool-Aid man.

We were just as excited about the Kool-Aid man as the sugary drink itself.

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Kool Aid throwback

9. Dressing up your My Scene Dolls.

These fashionistas knew style before we even knew how to dress ourselves.

cute My Scene dolls


10. Collecting Polly Pocket houses.

Your childhood was not complete without these adorable little houses of imagination.

remember Polly Pockets?!

11. Thinking crocs were the coolest pair of shoes ever.

And begging your parents for more charms.


crocs with charms

Have any other things your childhood was not complete without?

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