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Chic Ways To Pull Off A Baseball Cap

Chic Ways To Pull Off A Baseball Cap

Putting on a baseball cap doesn’t need to be a cop-out for a chic look. You can pull off a baseball cap and stay trendy, not tasteless. With the right accessories and hairstyles, you can turn this casual accessory into the statement piece of the year. 

1. Pair With a T-Shirt Dress

The casual dress helps you pull off a baseball cap while still looking chic and trendy. Dress your feet in sneakers like Converse or add some combat boots for a little more edge. The versatile nature of the t-shirt dress makes it easy to dress up and down with your baseball cap. 

This makes the perfect outfit that easily transitions from game day to post-game drinks and appetizers. There’s no easier way to pull off a baseball cap than with a comfy dress to accompany it. Pull-on on a piece of clothing and add one accessory and you’re ready to head out the door and take on the world.


2. Plaid Skirt And Blazer

Go for the rebellious private school girl look when you pull off a baseball cap with these traditionally chic pairings. Think London street style meets Boston Red Sox tailgate. Just hearing it may make people shake their heads in disapproval, but they’ll be taking a second look as you walk past. 

Make even more of a statement while you pull off your baseball hat and plaid skirt combo when you turn it backward and show off your face to the world. Get ahead of the trend and soon you’ll see your friends mimicking your casual but chic look everywhere they go. 


3. Chunky Braid

Showing off a chunky braid or two under your baseball cap can help your hair stand out, even if you’re trying to cover up the top. The braids add texture when you pull off a baseball cap when it could otherwise be flat. You’ll show off a tomboy meets mermaid look and leave people as mesmerized as a siren. 

In order to pull off your baseball cap in a chic manner, you need to add some details and texture to the otherwise plain accessory. A chunky braid’s volume, and messy but put together look, show you didn’t just throw on your baseball as a last-minute accessory, you put effort into pulling off this chic look. 


4. Leather Jacket

Now, when you pull off a baseball cap with a leather jacket, it screams I’m approachable, but don’t you dare try to mess with me. A leather jacket is a perfect piece for any wardrobe as it adds a touch of power to any outfit combination. There’s something about this contradictory combo that screams feminine and masculine and leaves people with no other option than to take notice. 

If you’ve had a full day of running errands, and just want to grab a drink at your favorite trendy bar downtown, you’ll fit right in with your baseball cap and leather jacket combination. You can pull off a baseball cap and still pull all the attention from the gentleman or ladies if you’re in the mood that night. Embrace all your power in this confidence-inducing outfit.  


5. Curled Hair And Dainty Jewelry

Softening the look of a baseball cap can easily be done with one hair styling tool and a few simple accessories. Curled hair automatically adds soft feminity when you pull off the baseball cap look, but pairing it with dainty jewelry adds an extra element. Pull out all the stops and really harness your soft side while maintaining a casual look when you pull off a baseball cap. There’s an endearing element to this look that will have a partner swooning at your effortless and breathtaking style. 

Go for a soft and dainty necklace since the attention will already be up towards your face and hair. Then, add the perfect bracelet or ring to draw the look together down the body. This look works perfectly for your family backyard barbeque or the next picnic date night. You’ll be getting compliments left and right all day, and all you had to do was throw on a cap. 


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6. Body Suit And Skinny Jeans

Ditch the t-shirt and go for something a little more attention-worthy. Change up the game when you pull off a baseball cap with a little sexy bodysuit to accompany. Skinny jeans with tears add to this casual but chic style, and you’ll walk down the street feeling confident. 


While a plain t-shirt serves the classic pairing with a baseball cap, if you want to pull off a baseball cap in a chic manner you have to step up your game. A bodysuit takes as much effort, if not less, to wear as a t-shirt, so go for something a little more noteworthy. As trendy as bodysuits are in the fashion market, and as classic as baseball caps are, there’s no better combination. 

Even if you’re just heading to your local coffee shop to study, this outfit makes for the perfect modern girl master look in every aspect of her life. There’s not a lot of effort to it, but the ‘togetherness’ of the look evokes a trendy boss babe power every girl is looking for in her life. 


7. Add Heels Or Wedges

Heels or wedges easily dress up any outfit. There’s just something about these shoes that make you look like you have your shit together despite your outfit. Adding heels adds a professional contrast to the casual element when you pull off a baseball cap. 

Depending on the look you are going for, pointed heels will add edge and grace when you pull off your baseball cap. But, wedges will add a more casual yet proper look. The best way to determine your footwear is to think about your setting. Also, how much walking and standing will be involved. 


What’s your favorite chic way to pull off a baseball cap? Let us know below and get your outfits ready as we enter the perfect baseball cap-wearing season of the year. 

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