12 Chic Summer Maxi Dresses You Can Wear Right Now

Summer is almost here, which means it’s the perfect time to start wearing dreamy maxi dresses again. If you need some fashion inspiration, here are 12 chic summer maxi dresses you can wear right now!

1. White Crochet Maxi Dress

A white crochet maxi dress is the ultimate summer outfit, so you need one of these dresses in your wardrobe before the warmer season rolls around. This dress is the perfect amount of girly and sensual so you’ll feel amazing in this look!

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2. Leopard Print Maxi Dress

Leopard print may be the summer’s hottest print trend, so you definitely need to get your hands on one of these summer maxi dresses. You can wear this dress by itself, or wear a t-shirt under to make a statement. This dress is so versatile that you’ll be wearing it all summer long!

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3. Yellow Floral Maxi Dress

Yellow has been such a hot color, and it embodies everything great about summer. You’ll feel so cheerful in this look and it will bring a smile to everyone around you! This is a sweet girly look, but you can toughen it up with some combat boots or other accessories if you want to play with this look!

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4. Neon Green Maxi Dress

Neons are so in style right now, and neon green is the hottest of all those colors. You’ll be hard to miss in this look, and everyone will love your bold sense of style! This look is so bright that there’s no need to over accessorize, you’ll look perfect with just the dress as is!

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5. Spanish Inspired Maxi Dress

Ruffles are so fun and girly, so take your fashion one step further with a Spanish inspired maxi dress! The brightness and vibrancy of this look is perfect for summer and will make you feel like a fashionista. Because this look is so fun, you can wear it to a party or a date and steal the show!

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6. Side Slit T-shirt Maxi Dress

If you’re looking for a more casual look, this style of summer maxi dresses is definitely for you! This look is effortlessly chic, so keep it clean with very few accessories. This look is also so comfy so you’ll be fashionable but also feel so free.

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7. Long Sleeved Deep V Maxi Dress

Summer nights can get chilly at times, so a long sleeved maxi dress is a great item to get if you’re planning on spending the evening outside. This is a sultry style of summer maxi dresses, so you’ll look absolutely amazing in this look!

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8. High Low Maxi Dress

If you want the maxi dress look but are preparing for a sweltering day, a high low dress is what you need! These summer maxi dresses give you extra breathing room and will definitely keep you cool and chic all day. This look is so easy to pull off, so it’s one you need to try for summer!

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9. Tie-Dye Maxi Dress

Summer is the perfect time to wear tie-dye, so this is a dress you need in your closet! Tie-dye has been seen on the runway lately, so you’ll be on trend in this look. This relaxed dress is perfect for everyday wear, and you’ll totally be wearing it all summer!

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10. Patchwork Maxi Dress

Patchwork has been seen on the runway all spring, so try out this style with a patchwork maxi dress. This look is fun and unique so you can show off the fun side of your personality with this style. This is a great casual summer look that you can wear to the pool, beach or any party!

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11. Tiered Ruffle Maxi Dress

Ruffles are super stylish and will help you get in touch with your feminine style. This dreamy look will make you look super chic, but you’ll also feel so comfortable in this effortless dress. If you want to make this dress your own, you can personalize it with accessories.

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12. Foliage Print Maxi Dress

By summer, all the plants and flowers are blooming so wearing a foliage print maxi dress will help you embody that great spirit of summer! Foliage prints have been in style lately, so you’ll be on top of the trends in this look. This print is so interesting but not so overpowering, so you’ll look super elegant!

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Which one of these summer maxi dresses would you wear? Let us know in the comments below!

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