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Chic Short Hair Styles Every Girl Should Know

Chic Short Hair Styles Every Girl Should Know

Whether you are trying to sport a pixie cut or just a classic LOB, cutting your hair short can be a scary change. Of course hair grows back, but when you are going from long, luscious locks to a short, edgy cut, watching the hair fall to the floor will have you sweating bullets. When deciding to chop it all off, there are several different short hair styles and lengths to choose from. Keep reading to get inspired for your next haircut with these chic, short hair styles every girl should know about!

1. The Pixie Cut

A drastic change for sure, but if it is well done, you will achieve a really fun look. Emma Watson wears this hairstyle and looks absolutely incredible. You can even throw some product in to style it into something a little more edgy. Do not be afraid to jump outside the box and try something risky.



2. The LOB (Long Bob)

So, you are not ready to go super short, and you want to test the waters before getting a major chop? In that case, the long bob would be absolutely perfect for you. Sitting right on the shoulders, it is youthful and not too hard to manage. Lily Collins rocks this look and even puts in some soft tousled waves to have it a little more playful.

3. The Angled Bob

Keira Knightley is known by most for being that beautiful actress in all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. She has long locks in the movies, but she can rock the angled bob, too. The angled bob is typically shorter in the back and then as it comes to the front, the pieces of hair are longer. It is a unique shape that will turn heads wherever you go. Although it is a very grown up look, it is still flirty and fun.

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4. The Blunt Bob

A lot of times, we walk into the salon thinking about all these layered looks we can get, but sometimes (especially for girls with fine hair) getting it cut all at the same length is the way to go. Getting a blunt bob will help your hair appear thicker, and the straight edged shape will give off a classic look.

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