10 Chic Fourth Of July Outfits That Will Make You Shine Brighter Than The Fireworks

Picking out the perfect Forth of July outfit can be somewhat of a challenge! If you’re looking for a classic, chic look that will make you shine brighter than the fireworks, hopefully this list of options will help you decide!

Here are some of my top favorite suggestions!

White Denim Mini Dress

A white denim mini dress is such a chic look! All you need to do is pair this with either a solid white or blue top, and you are automatically festive for the Fourth of July without being too cheesy and over the top! I am not sure of exactly what my plans are this Fourth of July, but a white denim dress can be a perfect option for nearly any choice of celebration this year!

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Cherry Print Dress

Cherry print is an extremely popular fashion trend this year, and is likely going to become even more of a hot trend as we transition from spring to summer! Why not embrace this trend and sport a cute cherry print dress for the Fourth of July? There are plenty of different style options with this classic cherry print, so you are sure to find the perfect dress for you!

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Blue and White Striped Blouse

A striped blouse is definitely one of the more sophisticated styling options for the Fourth of July this year! If you are planning a “high class” activity to celebrate this holiday, such as a nice rooftop dinner,  a blue and white striped blouse could be the ultimate choice for you! Pair this with a nice pair of white jeans or a denim skirt, and you will be celebrating this Fourth of July in style.

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Anything with a Straw Hat

While this is not necessarily an entire outfit idea, it is true that a hat can truly make an outfit. Regardless of if you choose to wear a cherry print mini dress, or an all-white linen two-piece set, finding the perfect straw hat is sure to add a level of chicness that you certainly do not want to miss out on!

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Red Jeans

Red jeans are one of the top options of choosing an outfit for the Fourth of July that is patriotic, but not in too much of an obvious, obnoxious way. You can choose from skinny jeans to kick flare jeans in either a bright red or more of a maroon, but whatever you choose, a pair of red jeans is a great outfit choice for this holiday!

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Festive Polka Dot Dress

I am a proud owner of nearly five polka dot dresses, so I may be slightly biased in adding this suggestion to the list of outfit options this Fourth of July. However, I’m sure nearly anyone would agree that a red and white polka dot dress is such a fun, chic look for the holiday! Plus, you could easily get many uses out of the dress throughout the rest of the summer!

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Matching White Two-Piece Set

Something about a white matching two-piece set SCREAMS summer, so there is no question that this matching set idea is one of the best, chic outfit options for the Fourth of July! One of my top preferences would be an all-white matching linen set, but you could wear any material or print of your choosing!

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See Also

Anything with Espadrilles

Similar to the straw hat idea, shoes can also make or break your outfit for the Fourth of July this year! Espadrilles are the top sandal trend this summer, so now is the time to jump on the trend and get a pair for yourself! They will pair perfectly with any of these outfit choices, and luckily, they are incredibly comfortable as well! Bottomline, pair your outfit with espadrilles and you will be making a major fashion statement this summer!

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Classic Levi’s Shorts

Classic Levi’s shorts are never not a good fashion idea. This being said, wearing them this Fourth of July is a great move! One of my favorite styling tips is to pair these with an oversized denim jacket to give a fashion forward “double denim” look! However, you can wear these with any top of your choosing this summer, and you are sure to be a chic fashion icon!

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Cropped Old Navy Patriotic Tee

Nothing screams patriotic nostalgia like a classic Old Navy “America” tee. This being said, you can easily turn one of these t-shirts into a chic look by cropping it and pairing it with a pair of Levi’s shorts or jean skirt! However you decide to style this top, there is no doubt that you will be a style sensation (without having to spend hardly any money on your outfit)!

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Hopefully you are a fan of these Fourth of July Outfits, and you are able to draw inspiration for a chic outfit of your own! Already have your outfit planned? Tell us all about it down below in the comments!

Featured Image Source: https://unsplash.com/@araltasher
Alyssa Negele

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