Chernobyl: The Tv Series You Should Be Watching

Chernobyl: The Tv Series You Should Be Watching

Chernobyl was declared the worst nuclear disaster of all time. It resulted in thousands of deaths and an evacuation of the city of Chernobyl. To this day the area is still considered highly radioactive. The disaster has inspired HBO to commission a TV series to raise awareness. The series has received critical acclaim and a 9.7 rating on IMDB. Here is exactly why you should be watching HBO’s Chernobyl.

Historical Accuracy

The creators have been very open about the fact that they wanted to stick to the facts. They wanted to create a mini- series that wasn’t sensationalised for entertainment value. The creators didn’t shy away from the dark nature of the tragedy. They used multiple perspectives; from characters in power, scientists and the nuclear power plant workers, to highlight how this tragedy affected all of the people. Viewers really get a feel for how deadly and debilitating radiation poisoning actually is.

Chernobyl: The TV Series You Should Be Watching

Three Dimensional Characters

If you are looking for a drama that is character led, Chernobyl has you covered. The two leads Stellan Skarsgard and Valery Legasov are completely believable in their roles. They are constantly disputing on the best ways to handle the ongoing situation and highlight differing opinions of the time. All of the supporting characters have their moment to shine and every actor approaches their scenes with respect.

Chernobyl: The TV Series You Should Be Watching


The Music

The miniseries score was created by Icelandic composer Hildur Guonadottir. He creates a score that is haunting and dramatic. Without fully speaking for the scenes. His score allows the viewers to be aware that the scene is harrowing but doesn’t immediately tell them what is happening. It lets people feel the true nature of the miniseries.

Chernobyl: The TV Series You Should Be Watching  

Engaging Plot

From the beginning of episode 1, you are completely invested. As a viewer with some insight into the events of Chernobyl, you are subconsciously waiting for the nuclear plant to explode. This creates a tension that is felt throughout the entire series. The lies that are told from people in power also creates this juxtaposition. As a viewer watching the events unfold, you will be horrified by the deception. This is a plot that will keep even the most preoccupied people sit down and watch.

Chernobyl:The Tv Series You Should Be Watching

Familiar Faces

If like me, you’re a massive Pirates of the Caribbean fan, you’ll recognise Stellan Skarsgard from the moment he opens his mouth. He plays one of the two protagonists and has a compelling role. People will also recognise, Emily Watson – playing the curious scientist, Ulana Khomyuk – and Jared Harris – playing the other lead; Valery Legasov. These three give amazing performances and really make the audience aware of the delicate situation.

Chernobyl: The TV Show You Should Be Watching

Quick Binge

The series is only five episodes long, making it a quick series to sink your teeth into. Therefore, if you’re looking for a show, that will draw you in whilst being accurate; this is it. Although, a short series it’s fast moving plot, keeps its audience engaged. This show will leave you feeling horrified as you learn about the events that we now know as Chernobyl.  

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Chernobyl: The TV Series You Should Be Watching

Attention to Detail

The colour scheme of dull greys, browns and pale blues/greens really makes the tension forceful. The simple attention to the surroundings highlights the dreary conditions that first responders and workers had to contend with. Furthermore, the costumes really make you feel like the show was shot in 1980’s Ukraine. It really highlights the delicacy and care that went into the creation of this show.

Chernobyl: The TV Series You Should Be Watching

The Realness

This gritty drama does not shy away from the facts. This is shown through the sheer denial that the chief members show. The T.V Show highlights that this is a disaster that had never happened before. Therefore, no-one really knew the scale of radiation that was to result from the explosion, or how to contain it.

Chernobyl: The TV Series You Should Be Watching

Conversation Piece

Whether you’re at work, in the pub or at your local gym, chances are people are going to be speaking about Chernobyl. By watching the series, you will be able to grow your understanding through speaking to others. This historically accurate show will leave you with tons to talk about.

Chernobyl: The TV Series You Should Be Watching

Ultimately, Chernobyl, will engage viewers from the inception. Have you watched it yet?

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