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20 Cheesy Instagram Captions To Stay Away From If You Don’t Want Your Post To Be Basic

20 Cheesy Instagram Captions To Stay Away From If You Don’t Want Your Post To Be Basic

Knowing which Instagram captions to stay away from when creating the perfect post, is important so that your post doesn’t turn into something cheesy, basic or even cringeworthy. If you’re concerned that your post is leaning in that direction, here are 20 Instagram captions you can browse through that you need to stay away from! Don’t let your caption take away from the one of a kind picture that you are posting!

1. “She thought the view was pretty, but I thought she was prettier”

Talk about cheesy! If you really think she is pretty, then let the picture speak for itself and use a different, less basic caption!  


2. “New year, new me!”

Even though it’s a new year, are you really a whole new person? Our guess is no, so find another caption that reflects on your past year or even explains why you feel like the new person you claim to be!

3. “New hair, who dis?!”

Just because you cut your hair or switched it up, doesn’t mean we wont recognize you! Unless you made an extreme change to your look, stay away from this caption and let your hair speak for itself!

4. “I woke up like this”

Our first question is, is it really necessary to post a picture the instant you wake up? Maybe not. Beyonce can get away with saying this without sounding basic because she invented the saying. But if you don’t want to be too mainstream, don’t use this caption.


5. “Low quality pic, high quality friends”

Are you posting the low quality pic just so you can use this exact caption? Find a different Instagram caption that isn’t as basic to prove to the world just how “high quality” you think your friends are!

6. “Started from the bottom now we here”

We are glad you made it to where you are proud to be, but odds are you aren’t using Drake’s quote the same way he used it. Find another caption that shows how happy you are to be where you are now!


7. “Never a dull moment with this one”

Weird brag? We are glad you two are always having great moments together but find something a little less basic and little more along the lines of why you never have a dull moment! It will go a long way and definitely make the post more meaningful!

8. “My day one”

If they are your true day one, there is no need to let the world know. Odds are everyone already knows, so find a caption a little less basic that shows everyone how much this person really means to you!

9. “Felt cute, might delete later”

Just embrace it if you feel cute, no need to add in the fact that you might delete it later because that hints at the fact that you are just fishing for likes and comments! Don’t be that basic!


10. “That awkward moment when…”

I guess you are letting the picture speak for itself, but what if the picture isn’t clear and no one get’s the reference… Talk about awkward – not to mention cheesy and basic!

11. “So I did a thing!”

You did what thing? Maybe the picture lets us know but I’m sure you could come up with something a little better then that!

12. “Sorry not sorry”

So are you sorry or are you not sorry and how does that relate to your picture?


13. “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere”

Well that means it must not be wherever you are posting from! Stick to the present and come up with an Instagram caption that relates to where you are!

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14. “No new friends”

Maybe it’s time to make new friends or find a different caption that explains why you keep posting with the same people?

15. “Another great day with great people”

If it was really such a great day, we are sure you will be able to find a less basic Instagram caption for such a great photo!

16. “Suns out, guns out”

We get it, you work out! There are so many better captions for that summer day that aren’t as cheesy as this one. 


17. “Take me back”

Odds are there is no location on the post so no one knows where you want to go back and not to mention none of your followers truly have the means to taking you back to wherever that is! 

18. “Life’s a beach”

It isn’t clear if that is a good or bad thing. One thing is for certain, however… the caption is very basic!

19. “Get you a girl who does both”

Just a very basic caption for a very basic girl who apparently “does both.” We are pretty positive you can find something a little less mainstream that lets the world know you have multiple different looks. 


20. “Goals”

Stay away from this Instagram caption at all costs! You may think whatever you are posting is goals, but let your followers be the judge of that and make your caption one that is worth saying goals about!

Do you have any other captions that are cheesy and basic? Let us know and comment below!

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