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Check Out These Sustainable Products To Reduce Your Waste

According to the UN Environment Programme, humans globally produce approximately 400 million tons of plastic waste each year. While corporations are a major contributor to this pattern of environmental negligence, there are adjustments you can make to decrease your individual waste. Purchasing sustainable products can help combat our tendency to discard half-used or plastic-riddled items. Here are some sustainable products that you should check out. 

1. Stasher Reusable Silicone Half Gallon Bag

Many of us turn to plastic Ziploc baggies for far too many of our kitchen needs. Ditch the inevitable waste and try out Stasher’s Reusable Silicone Half Gallon Bags.

Perhaps the best aspect of the reusable bags is their versatility. Overestimated your hunger and now have a heap of uneaten salad? Pop the greens in a Stasher bag. Don’t know what to do with the leftover peppers and cucumbers you chopped for a recipe? Take out your Silicone bag and store them until you need a refreshing snack. Tired of seeing berries stick and mold to the paper at the bottom of plastic containers? Try putting them in a Stasher bag to extend their shelf life. 

The Stasher Half Gallon Bags come in 19 colors from “Waterfall” to “Hibiscus.” They are dishwasher safe, microwave safe, freezer friendly and take up less room in the fridge than bulky glass containers. You can find them here for $16.49 USD. 

2. OXO Stainless Steel Straws

We’ve all heard people quip, “save the turtles” after seeing a plastic straw. Over the past few years, many have turned to buying reusable straws to limit their use of unnecessary plastic. One of our top picks is the OXO Reusable Straws with Cleaning Brush–a five-piece set that  includes two eight-inch straws, two 10.5-inch straws and the aforementioned cleaning brush. To ensure that users can enjoy a range of drinks from thick smoothies to iced coffees, OXO uses stainless steel which helps drinks stay cool. And to protect your teeth from hitting metal, the OXO straws have a silicone tip that comes in light and cobalt blue shades. The straws are also safe to put in the dishwasher. 

To maximize your use of the OXO straws, don’t leave them at home to collect dust in your kitchen. Next time you order an iced latte to-go, avoid the cafés collection of plastic straws and pluck your OXO straw from your bag. You can find OXO’s Reusable Straws here for $13.99 USD. 

3. Citizen Wolf Zero Waste Tote

As more and more cities instill plastic bag taxes, it’s time to invest in a durable tote bag. While plenty of companies claim to offer eco-friendly bags, for a truly green purchase, check out Citizen Wolf’s Zero Waste Tote (the second edition). 

According to Citizen Wolf, each bag is one  of a kind and has a “patchwork of fabric offcuts from [its] T-shirt production” and a “lining cut from upcycled City of Sydney banners saved from landfill.” The interior even has a pocket designed to fit your phone. 

You can purchase the tote on the Citizen Wolf website for $39 USD. The “Mostly Green” pattern is a particular standout; its forest green and white patches pair well with the walnut bands. 

4. Swedish Dish Cloths

One of the most wasted home goods seems to be paper towels. After spills trickle into the kitchen, we rely on paper towels to soak up our messes far too often. And when kitchen towels are dirty or in the wash, reaching for a roll of paper towels to dry dishes can be tempting. 

Instead of your traditional roll of Bounty, try Swedish Dish Cloths instead. You can purchase a pack of 10 cloths that wipe down any surface and spill in a range of colors (we love the sea foam green). Unlike paper towels, you can pop Swedish Dish Cloths in the washer to use again, saving you money and reducing your waste. Find them here for $18.99 USD. 

5. Biossance Cotton Pads

After YouTube’s favorite skincare guide Hyram taught us the danger of using makeup wipes, many have started using liquid makeup remover products. However, while applying products to cotton balls may generate less waste than using makeup wipe daily, there are still products that can reduce your waste even further. Behold: the Biossance Reduce, Reuse, Rejoice Cotton Pads. 

See Also

For $12 USD, you can purchase seven bamboo reusable cotton bags and a washable cotton pouch. After use, Biossance recommends that you toss the cotton pads in the pouch and wash with a neutral detergent. After air drying, they are ready to use again. You can find the cotton pads here on the Biossance website

6. Girlfriend Collective FLOAT Ultralight Leggings

The fashion industry alone produces 92 million tons of textile waste each year according to Good On You, and the fast-fashion cycle fuels our tendency for over consumption. If you’re searching for sustainable products, don’t forget to include clothes in your search. One athleisure company you may want to check out is Girlfriend Collective, particularly its FLOAT Ultralight Leggings. 

Available in sizes XXS through 6XL and seven colors, the leggings are made from 90% recycled plastic bottles (RPET) and 10% spandex. The FLOAT Ultralight leggings are “lightweight, yet substantial” and have a hidden back pocket ideal for storing keys or cards. You can also purchase one of Girlfriend Collective’s matching sports bras such as the Cleo Halter Bra to complete the set. 

Find the FLOAT Ultralight leggings here for $78 USD. 

A final thing to consider

Minimizing consumption is perhaps the most sustainable practice; after all, even sustainable products come with there share of production-induced greenhouse gases and non-reusable packaging. So, before buying any sustainable products, assess the likelihood that you will use the item. Sure those recycled-plastic sneakers may look chic online, but how often will you grab that pair over your dependable black Converse? Always do your research, and consider whether the product you have in your cart will actually help lower your waste. 

Purchasing sustainable products is one small step toward reducing our waste. Let us know in the comments which sustainable products you love!

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Madeline Murphy

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