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Check Out These Drinking Games To Spice Up Your Parties

Check Out These Drinking Games To Spice Up Your Parties

When you are throwing a party, you might have it all, including drinks, food, music, and good company. But sometimes there is a little thing missing to make your party way cooler than expected. If this has happened to you, we recommend you check out these drinking games that can take your party to a whole different level of fun. And don’t worry, in case you are not a fan of alcoholic beverages, you can play these games in a different version, adding something to eat like gummies or candies, taking shots of juice or whatever comes to your mind to make it more creative.

1. Never Have I Ever

If you have been at a few parties before you might have heard about this classic drinking game or you have watched it played in a movie and have been dying to try it. The best thing about this game is that you don’t even really need anything extra, besides having a good set of sentences in your mind. The game consists of starting a statement with the phrase “never have I ever” and adding something you have never done. For example, you can say “never have I ever skinny-dipped in the ocean” and all of those in the group that have done it have to take a drink.  This game is a must if you want to get to know some of your friends’ secrets or most embarrassing stories, but be prepared to reveal some of yours too!


2. Drunk Jenga

To play this drinking game, you will need a Jenga, but no ordinary one. This Jenga has funny, intriguing and crazy challenges written on its 54 Jenga blocks. The best thing is that you can add whatever thing comes to your mind since you can do it by yourself just by buying a cheap Jenga and writing the challenges on each block. Or you can get them already pre-made if you don’t feel so creative yourself. Drunk Jenga consists of picking up one block from the set pile of blocks with one hand and placing it on top of the pile, the challenge written on the block should be fulfilled to keep things entertaining. If the stack falls, you have to take a drink, pick up two more blocks, and complete the challenges that have been written there.


3. Beer Pong

Another classic for our list of drinking games, beer pong is a super fun activity to try with a group of friends. It basically consists of a twisted version of the regular ping pong game. In beer pong, you got to throw a ping pong ball across a table with the intent of landing it into a cup of beer that is on the other end of the table. You can team up to play this game in groups of more than two players per side with six or more cups on each side. Whenever a ball lands in a cup of the opposite team that team has to drink it and remove the cup from the table. The first team that eliminates all of the opponent’s cups is the one who wins the game. You or your team have three attempts each turn to try and get the other team to drink!

4. Drunk Uno

Uno is a classic card game you have probably played it a few times before. But you might have never imagined it could be turned into a drinking game to spice up parties. The rules of the games are basically the same; you start by giving each player seven Uno cards and then each player tries to match the color of the cards with the ones he or she has on its hand. Until that point, everything is normal Uno, but here comes the drunken twist. There are a few rules, like the one that states that before starting everyone needs to take a shot. Then when one player puts a draw 2, a reversed or a skip card the player that has its turn next has to take a shot. If a person puts a draw 4 or someone says a false Uno, they have to take two shots. And finally, the winner of the game has to choose one person to take three shots.


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5. Bite The Bag

This drinking game is made for those who like to keep moving and making risky choices. Even though the dynamics of the game are pretty simple, we assure you, you’re going to have a blast. Start by keeping a paper bag in the ground and take turns to try and pick it up by only using your mouth, no hands or any other body part is allowed to help. You don’t even have to pick up the whole bag, maybe just bite and chop an inch from it. The only two rules for this game are that those who can’t pick any part of the bag drink and no hands are allowed to help you. Repeat the dynamic of the game until just the bottom of the bag is left.


6. Up & Down The River

This drinking game requires you to have two decks of cards to start. Then decided which player is going to be known as the dealer and is going to be the one who provides each player with a set of four cards placed face-up in front of them. Then the dealer proceeds to take a card from the deck and whoever has the matching card takes a shot. Each player takes as many drinks as cards shown by the dealer that match their own. The only thing to keep in mind is that each new round, the number of drinks one has to take for the card doubles. After the fourth round, the dealer is going to draw a fifth card, laying it on top of the previous one and the player who has to total combination of those cards has to give away four shots. These drinks can be divided either by four different players or the same one. After that, the dealer changes and the game starts over.

Ready to spice up your parties with these drinking games? Let us know if you play any others with your friends in the comment section!

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