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How To Handle A Cheating Boyfriend Or Girlfriend With Grace

How To Handle A Cheating Boyfriend Or Girlfriend With Grace

These are some of the best ways you can handle a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend with grace and integrity. Here's the way you can overcome it.

You’re devastated. Your heart wants to escape your chest. And you want to rip it out because the pain it’s creating is unbearable to your body. You can’t feel your face, your hands are begging to break something, and you hate the world. What’s wrong with you? You just caught the one you love more than anything cheating on you. How exactly do you handle a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend? Do you cheat back? Do you beg for their love? Do you fight the homewrecker? Or do you just walk away? Here’s some advice on how to deal with a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend.


Everyones situation is different and I think, should be evaluated differently. You should always know as many facts as possible before making decisions you can’t change your mind about later. Talk to your partner even if you’re upset and see where their head is at. Talk to the person they cheated with if possible, and find out if there’s more to the story. Being betrayed is a horrible thing to go through, but remember we’re humans and we can learn to handle cheating accordingly.


Some people may feel like when they’re cheated on a line has been crossed and there’s no coming back. You’ll never trust that person again or all feelings you’ve had have gone out the window. When you feel like this, any option other than leaving the cheating boyfriend or girlfriend behind, is out of the question. You can’t put yourself through a relationship where you’ll never trust the person and you’re constantly trying to keep up with them and know what they’re doing. You can start to feel insecure in the relationship and every time you look into their eyes you’ll relive that hurt. So if you’re incapable of trusting them after they’ve cheated, all you can do is let go. This is a great piece of advice on how to deal with a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend.

I always say, “two wrongs don’t make a right” but I’m sure there are some who disagree. If you feel like you’d get some satisfaction out of returning the cheating favor, then I guess that’s what you’ll do. I don’t think it’s the morally correct thing to do. Because it makes you just as bad and spiteful as they are. The best thing you can do is move on. Eventually you’ll find someone else better and when that cheater sees you two together, that feeling they get will be well deserved.


In some cases the circumstance can predict whether you feel insecure or not. If it’s clear that your S.O. is not the cheater and is the cheatee, then don’t hold them accountable for someone else making moves on them. There are some shallow people out there that can’t take a hint. And letting them come between you and your love is exactly what they want. You’ll regret letting your partner go only to find out that they didn’t want that other person at all. It will make you feel as though you lost precious time with them and gave up too soon.

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I don’t like to recommend begging, but if I had to be honest, I would if I had to. It’s entirely OK to fight for what you want, because if you don’t then do you really want them? If you go all out and make sure they know how much they’re worth and try to start over, showing only this strong feeling of love, you may grow stronger together. Make it work, so long as you can trust each other and no one cheats again. This is a great piece of advice on how to deal with a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend.

The most important thing about handling a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend is to never get violent. Remember that we’re all human even if some of us screw up. You can let go and move on, clearing your heart for someone else to love and hold.

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