The 10 Cheapest Tropical Vacations For College Students

This winter is brutal, we are all dreaming of some sunshine and beach time.  Traveling as a student can be tricky on a budget, but check out this list of the cheapest tropical vacations for students, find yourself a cheap all inclusive resort, and you’ll be lounging on the beach in no time!

1. Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic

Flights: $174 from Boston

Brush off all that Spanish you learned in high school and head to Punta Cana!  This vacation is sure to be a dream as you wade into the peaceful, warm waters that lay along stretches of white sand.  Take a day trip to on a zip-lining adventure, and be prepared to meet some cute golfer boys: it is the most popular vacation spot for golfers!

Punta Cana made the list on the top 10 Cheapest Tropical Vacations For College Students

2. The Bahamas

Flights: $284 from NYC

Head off the coast of Florida to check out some of the 700 islands and 2400 cays the Bahamas has to offer.  From the incredible culture, historic towns, and beautiful coral reefs this is exactly the oasis you are looking for.  Grab your snorkeling gear and head out to meet some fishes, or load up on Vitamin D lounging on the beach.  You’ll never want to leave!

The Bahamas is one of the 10 cheapest tropical vacations for college students

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3. Jamaica

Flights: $313 from NYC

Jamaica is ideal for those wanting to let loose and party, while still having the option of doing something more low-key.  As one of the most popular of the cheapest tropical vacations spot, Jamaica has something for everyone.  Check out the “hip strip” shops of Gloucester Avenue, or go exploring in some underwater caves at Widowmaker’s cave.  Party it up in Bob Marley’s home country, and be sure to take in the sights and sounds of the breathtaking beaches.

Jamaica is one of the cheapest tropical vacations for college students

4. Cancún, Mexico

Flights: $232 from Boston

This city has a reputation for being great for partying, especially while you’re young.  You would have to try to have a boring night in this beach town.  Spend your days soaking in the sun, exploring Mayan ruins, or snorkeling among schools of fish.  It’ll definitely be one of your cheapest tropical vacations yet, because there are plenty of cheap all inclusive resorts you can find.  Be sure to book your spot for spring break sooner rather than later!

Cancun is one of the most popular of the 10 cheapest tropical vacations for college students

5. Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Flights: $240 from Boston

Aguadilla is known as the village of the eye of water.  The clear blue waters and picturesque beaches will take your breath away.  Work on your tan as you watch surfers on some of the best surfing beaches in North America, or grab a board and try it yourself!  There are plenty of cheap surfboard rental and surfing lessons you can find all over the island.  With an average temperature of 78°F, you won’t be disappointed with the weather here.

10 cheapest tropical vacations for college students- number 5 is Aguadilla

6. Grand Cayman Island

Flights: $306 from NYC

While the docks may be busy, the farther you get from them the more peaceful you will find this beautiful island.  Venture off into Stingray City, a sandbar off in the ocean where stingrays swim right alongside you!  Need a little pampering, and willing to splurge?  You won’t believe the spa treatments and massages they have.  This seemingly magical country will give you the fix of sunshine that you have been aching for all winter, all while keeping you in budget.

Swim with stingrays in the Cayman islands on one of the cheapest tropical vacations for college students

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7. Bermuda

Flights: $246 from Boston

Although it is just 20 miles long and 2 miles wide, you’ll get lost in the beauty of Bermuda.  Cross an item off your bucket list and get SCUBA certified while you’re at one of the most premiere diving locations in the world (it is much cheaper to get SCUBA certified here than in the US).  After you’re done on the beach for the day go crazy at a nightclub and then work off your hangover on a hike along the coast!

Bermuda is one of the 10 cheapest tropical vacations for college students

8. Tijuana, Mexico

Flights: $313 from NYC

Head down to Baja California this break to an iconic spring break getaway.  Just 15 miles South of San Diego, it’s an easy drive (although crossing the border could take a while).  As soon as you cross the border, food and drink costs plummet, so be sure to fill up on authentic and delicious Mexican food while you can! Sing your heart out in Karaoke, take some tequila shots, and remember… what happens in Tijuana, stays in Tijuana.

Tijuana Mexico is one of the 10 cheapest tropical vacations for college students

9. Aruba

Flights: $367 from Boston

Perhaps the most iconic Caribbean island, Aruba is a sight to see.  The clear ocean and white sand will make you feel like you are in a dream.  The pastel landscapes of Oranjestad will be perfect for all your Instagram pic needs (in case you run out of the seemingly beach pic opportunities).  Be sure to catch some sunsets while you’re out there, they are truly unforgettable.

Aruba is one of the 10 cheapest tropical vacations for college students

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10. Ibiza, Spain

Flights: $400 from NYC

While this may be the priciest to get to of the cheapest tropical vacations, it is no doubt the place to go if you are looking for a party.  Mike Posner took a pill here for a reason, probably because it’s know for a “party ’til you drop” kind of oasis.  The incredible nightlife and cost of living does not come with a heavy price tag; you can grab a local beer for just $4.  With over 100 miles of coast and 50 beaches, you can spend your days lying on the sand or even at a darty on a party boat.

 Ibiza is the most expensive of the 10 cheapest tropical vacations for college students
Thirsty for some sunshine yet?  Start saving and head off on some of the cheapest tropical vacations!  It’ll make this winter a little less painful…


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