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Top 8 Cheapest Places To Fly To From Boston

Top 8 Cheapest Places To Fly To From Boston

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Housing, transportation, attractions and food – traveling on a budget can be a stressful ordeal. However, airplane flights, which can easily be a significant amount of money, can cost less than expected if you book tickets smartly. Keep reading for some inspiration regarding the cheapest places to fly to from Boston during this summer season, so you can explore new locations without hurting your wallet too much! All the mentioned flights to these cities can be found with a simple search online:


Starting from as low as $80 for a round trip, tickets to Chicago are a great option if you’re looking to travel to another big U.S. city. The flight is less than three hours long – perfect for fitting in one feature length film! With such a low-cost flight, you’ll have extra room in your budget to devote to other areas, such as food (who can say no to some deep-dish pizza?). Normally, a drive from Boston to Chicago takes around fourteen and a half hours so not only will you be saving money, but you’ll also be time efficient! This is one of the cheapest places to fly to from Boston!

Top 8 Cheapest Places To Fly To From Boston


You can find flights from $105 to typically around $150 to Orlando, FL from Boston. Considering that driving to Orlando would take eighteen and a half hours, a two hour flight is a great bargain! There are a ton of theme parks in Orlando and tickets can get a bit pricey, especially during peak summer weeks, so spending as little as possible on transportation allows for more money for fun rides and any other local attractions!

Top 8 Cheapest Places To Fly To From Boston


Flights to Atlanta, GA can be found for as little as approximately $90. While prices do fluctuate for any flight, Atlanta and all the other mentioned domestic cities generally stay around a $100 to $200 range. Depending on when you book your flight and what day you’re flying, you can definitely buy tickets at a lower price! As with any flights, paying attention to ticket trends and doing your research ahead of time will leave you more prepared to catch any good deals ahead of the crowd.

Top 8 Cheapest Places To Fly To From Boston

Reykjavik, Iceland

Direct flights from Boston to Reykjavik can be found from the $300/$400 price range for a round trip! Iceland features breathtaking natural scenery that will certainly make for memorable experiences and beautiful photographs. With a change in pace from Boston and different landscapes, Reykjavik will feel like a truly refreshing vacation and a gorgeous adventure at a decent price!

Top 8 Cheapest Places To Fly To From Boston

Dublin, Ireland

For as low as $410 for a direct Air France flight in mid-September, you can travel to Dublin this year from Boston! While prices tend to vary more for these international trips versus their domestic counterparts, you can surely lower overall expenses by monitoring trends and buying tickets at prime times. However, the locations listed here luckily stay around more affordable ranges on average year-round. Like Iceland, Ireland offers incredible scenery and a chance to experience a different culture.

Top 8 Cheapest Places To Fly To From Boston

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Québec City, Canada

A charming, French-speaking city located in Canada, Québec is known for it’s historical and picturesque sites. Flights stay around the $200/$300 range throughout the year, which is a great deal to explore such a beautiful city! Honestly, it’ll feel like a more affordable trip to Europe with the benefits of no jet lag and a shorter flight. You could also rent a car to discover more of Canada in one trip.

Top 8 Cheapest Places To Fly To From Boston

Madrid, Spain

From the $600’s or even down to the high $400’s in mid-September, flights to Madrid are reasonably priced opportunities to visit the beautiful country of Spain. With distinct cities, varying natural landscapes and remarkable architecture, Spain is perfect for vacations when you want to step out of your daily routine. Hopefully you can take advantage of a trip to Madrid by booking domestic flights within Spain to gain greater appreciation for the culture and country! This is totally one of the cheapest places to fly to from Boston worth visiting!

Top 8 Cheapest Places To Fly To From Boston

Copenhagen, Denmark

Flights to Copenhagen alternate a bit, but can be booked from as low as $400 for a round trip on less busy days. Keep your eyes open for sweet deals like that as you won’t want to miss the chance to admire some of the lovely designs that have the distinct style of Copenhagen. There is a plethora of sites and attractions to partake in Copenhagen, such as visiting the famous Little Mermaid sculpture to just strolling along the harbor!

What flight are you looking to book next? What do you think are the cheapest places to fly to from Boston? Let us know in the comments below!
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