5 Of The Cheapest Flights Out Of Boston

Although travel may seem expensive, there are a ton of cheap round trip flights outs of Logan Airport! Here are some of the cheapest flights!

Looking for the cheapest flights out of Boston? There are many options of international flights out of Boston’s Logan Intl. Airport that won’t break your bank.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Flights to Puerto Rico’s capital will cost you between $200-300 round-trip, which is a good deal! In just over three hours of flying, you will be transported to a beautiful island getaway. This tropical U.S. territory can offer you a break from the New England weather and an opportunity to see some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Enjoy historical Spanish landmarks like El Morro and Castle of San Cristobal, along with the many beachfront clubs and bars. This is one of the cheapest flights out of Boston.

5 of the Cheapest Flights Out of Boston

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is on the bucket list of many because of its beautiful landscapes and you can cross it off yours for around $300 round-trip from Boston. This northernmost capital is the perfect location for those who enjoy adventure along with relaxation. Visit one of the many pools among glaciers for a dip you won’t forget, or hike through the beautiful surrounding scenery. Enjoy a nordic world that is a lot different from Boston!

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Saint Thomas Island, Virgin Islands

Another cheap Caribbean ticket is Saint Thomas Island in the Virgin Islands. This flight will cost you around $300-350 round-trip. Being another U.S. territory, this island offers similar benefits as San Juan, only with more of a Danish flair rather than Spanish. This island is loaded with history, and will provide the warmer temperatures you have been craving! Visit the many white sandy beaches, or go snorkeling and look at the ocean life. This is one of the greatest cheapest flights out of Boston.

5 of the Cheapest Flights Out of Boston

San Jose, Costa Rica

A flight from Boston to San Jose will only cost you around $300-400 round-trip! This unique destination will provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Spanish architecture and amazing beaches are just part of what is to see here. Enjoy a bustling downtown scene and stay in one of the many resorts in the area. If you are feeling more adventurous, check out the volcanoes or coffee plantations near the city.

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Flying to Amsterdam will cost you only about $400 round-trip, but the sights make it priceless. If you are looking to see the epitome of European culture in an exciting new way, check out this city! From the Anne Frank house to the Van Gogh museum, there’s lots of options for cultural experiences here. This is definitely one of the cheapest flights out of Boston you want to take!

5 of the Cheapest Flights Out of Boston

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