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5 of the Cheapest Airlines that Would Save you Money on your Next Trip

5 of the Cheapest Airlines that Would Save you Money on your Next Trip

Booking from the cheapest airlines is very beneficial for travelers who want to explore the world on a budget! And what’s surprising is there are a variety of brands to choose from. Below you can find 5 of the cheapest airlines that would get you to the destination of your dreams without hurting your wallet!

1. Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is definitely, in my experience, one of the cheapest airlines when it comes to flying domestically in the US. And the reason why the prices stay so low is because of the option to take a flight without any checked bags or carry-ons.

But don’t worry, if you are taking a short vacation that does not require packing a lot of clothes, you can bring a backpack which counts as a personalized item (included in your flight). But if you need to bring a checked bag or carry-on to your trek, you do have the option to add any bag for an additional price that still remains super low.


However, keep in mind that some amenities usually offered in most airlines may not be available when flying with Spirit. These include free beverages, passenger seat television screens, and business/first class experiences. Every seat is the same from the front of the aircraft to the bottom so every tenant that flies with this cheap airline would get an economy experience.

2. Frontier Airlines

I would like to think of Frontier Airlines as a twin of Spirit Airlines. And the reason behind that is because they most certainly are. Frontier offers around the same pricing (if not identical) as the ones from Spirit. And that is because this cheap airline also offers the same option to travel without any luggage! And again, if your trip is longer or requires luggage, you can still add bags for a super cheap price.

Frontier also does not offer free beverages, television screens for entertainment, and higher-tier class experiences. But for being one of the cheapest airlines there is to offer in the US, you would understand why these companies are able to be priced so low.


The only fact that distinguishes these two cheap airlines are the absolutely gorgeous pictures of wild animals printed on the back rudders of Frontier’s aircraft. You can even find smaller images of these beautiful creatures on the winglets! So whenever you feel stressed about anything during your flight, you would feel better once you say hello to the baby beaver munching on wood in the winglet right next to you.

3. TAP Air Portugal

If you want to venture to Europe, TAP Air Portugal is the perfect cheap airline that would unlock this enchanting place. This is probably the most surprising find when booking cheap airlines due to the fact that you can find prices so cheap for flying overseas. I even found an itinerary from New York to Madrid, Spain for 97 dollars! Isn’t that insane?

One thing to note is that since this is a Portuguese airline, there would be a layover to Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. So unless you plan on visiting Lisbon, do not expect a direct flight between your hometown and the destination of your choice. However, there is a “stopover” option to stay in Lisbon for a night and take the connecting flight the next day if you want a chance to see what Portugal offers.


And if you are on a long-haul flight, meals will be included with your ticket as the voyage will venture multiple times of the day, meaning that they do not want you to miss breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

4. Norwegian

Another cheap airline option for flying to Europe is Norwegian’s airline. Unlike TAP, you do not need a layover in Norway to get to the place you want to visit! This makes flights more convenient while staying within your budget (unless you are visiting Norway)!

Again the prices are unbelievable compared to what you usually find in other airlines but what also makes this airline wonderful is the hospitality! I heard many great comments from other people praising how comfortable the seats were, how amazing the in-flight meals were, and how courteous the flight crew was. There were even travelers who said they booked flights via Norwegian for the experience, not the price.

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Like TAP Air Portugal, guests would receive free meals during their long-haul flights as it is very important to eat when staying inside the aircraft for a long time. And don’t forget the incredible food they serve as the options can range from a full English breakfast to Vietnamese Pho.

5. Southwest

And last, but certainly not least, is Southwest. This one of the cheapest airlines is my personal favorite because of all the wonderful experiences I’ve received when flying through Southwest.


First of all, the cheapest option to fly already comes included with two checked bags! That’s right! Two checked bags! This makes Southwest one of the best values in air travel brands when it comes to traveling with multiple luggage.

Second of all, the hospitality is unmatched! Like Norwegian, Southwest is best known for how friendly and enthusiastic the plane crew is. Customers who have flown in Southwest have had nothing but great things to say about the wonderful flight attendants and pilots.

Third of all, Southwest offers free beverages and select in-flight entertainment unlike some of their competitors! Everyone knows that a flight is not complete without a drink in hand and a good movie to watch. This is something I greatly missed when I was traveling with the other airliners that did not provide these services.


When flying with Southwest, you would definitely feel like you are the closest to a moderately priced trip to the sky while maintaining a healthy budget! I can write a whole article praising how amazing this airliner is and you would want to do the same once you experience a flight with them!

Have any of the Cheapest Airlines caught your eye? If so, which one has been the most captivating to you? Comment below and tell us!

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