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Top 10 Cheap Whiskeys You Have To Try

Top 10 Cheap Whiskeys You Have To Try

Whiskeys…maybe I should just stop there. You either love them or you hate them, but something everyone can tend to agree on is that this preferred drink of many can be quite expensive. On average in comparison to most vodkas, even cheap whiskeys can be ten to twenty dollars more. So with that in mind, and in an attempt from saving you from drinking something that tastes of nail polish or gasoline, here’s your top 10 cheap whiskeys that you have to try.

1) Tullamore Dew

Of all Irish whiskeys, I enjoy Tullamore Dew the best. My reason for this being is that given its price point being under thirty dollars, it is quite a welcoming whiskey. The flavor profile isn’t overbearing or forward heavy like Jamesons as soon as it enters your mouth and has a really great whiskey taste with a smooth finish.

Top 10 Cheap Whiskeys You Have To Try

2) Johnnie Walker Black Label

If you want an entryway into scotch whiskeys then look no further. I feel that Johnnie Walker, in general, is great at making very approachable scotches for those looking to see what all the action is about. Not to mention the fact that Johnnie Walker has many various ages and kinds of scotch so that once you try there mild black label, you have plenty of room to grow. Furthermore, some scotches can come across very strong, whereas many of the variety with this brand is smooth and very pleasant amongst other whiskeys.

3) Jameson

If you want a heavy-hitting Irish Whiskey that really promotes its peaty Irish heritage, then Jamesons is the whiskey for you. Unlike other whiskeys, I find Jamesons to be in a league of its own. Yes, it evokes similar reactions in the mouth as other whiskeys. But combining that with the taste really gives a unique experience that you can enjoy for a price point under thirty dollars as well. Also, in terms of Irish whiskeys, this drink of choice has so much character and personality behind it, that you have to at least try it once in respect of it.

4) Dewar’s White Label

As for another contender of scotch whiskeys, Dewars White Label is another that will be sure to give you a great time. The background profile of this whiskey after being consumed has a really fruity and sweet finish. It’s one of those whiskeys that has a forward smell of something incredibly strong but it treats you right and goes down smooth. Also, Dewar’s has many other cheaper whiskeys at price points for those of you, that maybe need to have something even more available to your wallet. Including Large jugs of their original recipe that come in plastic bottles and have more than once been the lifeblood of entire parties amongst groups of younger party members. However, the taste profile of some of these options can start to remember what you’d imagine nail polish or gasoline would start to taste like. In a good way I suppose, but be sure to have some hangover cures around the house the following morning.

5) Woodford Reserve

Smoky whiskeys? Yeah, we’re there. Woodford Reserve comes in with that typical oak burnt cask that’s spicy and heated with feeling incredibly savory. With a sweet aftertaste finish, you keep coming back for more, while really feeling the time it took to make this wonderful drink. Furthermore, Woodford reserve does many other specified batches of their drink of choice so that you can mix and match, allowing yourself the freedom of similar whiskeys to be shared with friends or family.

Top 10 Cheap Whiskeys You Have To Try

6) Old Forrester

Akin to the spicy forward whiskeys like Woodford, old Forrester is sure to make an impression on you as soon as it hits your mouth. Much like Jamosons, this liquor has a taste that I can’t really relate to many when combined with the feeling of it. You know its a charred yet smooth creation whiskey but has something so unique to itself in the taste.

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7) Jim Beam Devil’s Cut

If you’re looking for variety among a certain brand of whiskeys, Jim beam will be sure to treat you right. Given the variety and very Americanized profile of this whiskey. You’ll find yourself eagerly awaiting your next purchase in the franchise.

8) Sazerac Rye

Dry heat, the best way to describe rye whiskeys in my opinion. Sazerac comes across as this real character forward drinks that burn at first with sharpness but then mellows down upon the swallow, warming you up while giving off notes of dry vanilla. Still, a heavy proof and a drink that goes well with sipping, not really party and shots environment for this one.

9) Bulleit Rye 95 Small Batch

Okay normal Bulleit rye, will, in fact, kick you in the mouth if you arent used to whiskeys of this nature. It’s very sharp and hard-hitting to the forward palette but seemingly goes down smooth. Alongside this, the smell is almost nonexistent kind. However, with the 95 small-batch, it’s a lot milder while getting the underlying flavor of the brand name drink. I highly recommend trying this variety first before trying any other rye whiskeys of Bulleit’s caliber.

10) Ballentine’s Finest

If you’re looking for something on the classy side of various whiskeys, go for Ballentine’s finest. More of a craft whiskey if you will? You can tell this is a drink meant to be sipped in a certain kind of way at a certain kind of place. The drink is smooth and strong and has this classy gathering kind of vibe. Sure you can pound it down in shots at a party, but it fairs better as a sipping drink at a gathering. Not to mention the fact that this spirit is known to pair incredibly well with other liquors in various mixed drinks and cocktails. Meaning, if you do buy a bottle of this spirit at its medium pricepoint of thirty dollars, you will be able to make a handful of various drinks that will be pleasing to your guests at gatherings.

Top 10 Cheap Whiskeys You Have To Try

Had any of these whiskeys before? Or perhaps you have some other honorable mentions that won’t break the bank? Let me know in the comments below. Also, have fun, but please drink responsibly everybody.

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