10 Cheap Varsity Jackets For Men That Are Stylish

Finding cheap varsity jackets is something I’d consider myself to be a pro at; so when I say I’ve scored the most stylish yet cheap varsity jackets for men – I mean it. Varsity jackets have lately become an essential piece to any great men’s street style outfit. If you don’t already have yourself a mens varsity jacket – you should add it to your shopping list. Not only will they keep you warm in the dead of winter but will turn heads. Check out 10 of the coolest varsity jackets for men that will make any simplistic mens outfit stand out.

1. Navy & Maroon Varsity Jacket

This maroon/burgandy mens varsity jacket is clean, polished and would look great with black jeans and a black tee.

These varsity jackets are so cool!

2. Nylon Baseball Varsity Jacket

Nylon varsity jackets for men are pretty stylish. What’s not to love about this cheap mens varsity jacket?

3. Patch Men’s Varsity Jacket

This varsity jacket for men gives me NYC vibes and is pretty sick. This is a great jacket to wear when going out to a bar or spending a night out with your friends.

4. Padded Black Baseball Jacket

This is as classic as it gets when it comes to cheap mens varsity jackets. This all black and white bomber varsity jacket is a great option for any outfit.

These varsity jackets are so cool!

5. Sorry Not In The Mood

This jacket definitely packs a punch in the attitude department. If you’re having *one of those days*, this is your jacket.

6. Baby Blue Varsity Bomber

Move over pink, baby blue is the newest color on the scene, and yes, real men wear baby blue.

7. Crisp White Varsity Jacket

A white or ivory varsity jacket is the perfect addition to any man’s closet and can instantly dress up in simple outfit.

These varsity jackets are so cool!

8. Lost Islands Corduroy Varsity Jacket

A corduroy is the perfect staple piece to wear on those cooler fall or spring days when all you need is light jacket.

9. Denim Varsity Jacket

This is one of my favorite cheap varsity jackets for men that not only looks great but is also an additional 30% off.

Slide View: 2: BDG Colorblocked Denim Varsity Jacket

10. Sherpa Varsity Jacket

If you snag this Sherpa varsity jacket now, you can get it for an addition 30% off. Talk about cheap varsity jackets for men that are stylish!

These varsity jackets are so cool!

What are your favorite cheap varsity jackets for men? Let us know in the comments.

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