10 Cheap Valentines Day Ideas For College Students

Most people think that on Valentine’s Day you have to splurge on an expensive meal at a fancy restaurant. But when you are a broke college student, things can get difficult. Instead of harboring any worries or anxiety, check out these cheap Valentine’s Day ideas that you and your partner will certainly enjoy!

1. Movie Night at Home

Nothing is more adorably romantic than snuggling up with your boyfriend or girlfriend on the couch while watching a movie. And you are not obliged to watch a silly rom-com on Valentine’s Day. Instead, create a line up of you and your partner’s favorite films and watch them all.

2. Basketball or Hockey Game

A great Valentine’s Day idea is attending a basketball or hockey game. If your partner happens to be a mega sports fan, get two tickets to a game that their favorite team is playing. If they are a fan of yours or their school’s team, even better because of that sweet student discount.

3. A Walk in the Park

Though Valentine’s Day unfortunately falls in the dead of winter, it does not mean you can still take a walk outside. A walk in the park does not cost a dime and if it happens to snow a day or two before, that is even better; nothing is more gorgeous than pristine snow.

4. Go to the Museum

Any art or history lover gets all giddy about going to the museum. Depending on the museum, if you have a college ID, you can get discounts on the tickets. Now, that is a sweet Valentine’s Day idea.

5.  Attend a local theater production

Local theater productions are criminally underrated. Support the local arts by attending a show. It is a bonus if they happen to be doing a show based on yours or your loved one’s favorite play or book.

6. Make a Morning Trip to the Diner

Breakfast food does not cost a fortune, and your cute, local diner probably has delicious stacks of pancakes and hash browns that you cannot compare to any other place. You can even go on a coffee date at your local coffee shop. This Valentine’s Day idea is both cute and cheap.

7. Ice Skating

Ice Skating is one of the best winter activities and since Valentine’s Day falls in February, it is the perfect time to go.

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8. Attend a Concert

If you loved one is fan of a particular band or singer and they happen to be doing a show not to far from you guys, it might be a nice idea to buy two tickets. Or, if your loved one is a huge fan of a particular genre like classical or jazz, some concert halls have live music where tickets cost less than $20 each.

9. Go Hiking

If you and your loved one happen to be very outdoorsy, why not go on a romantic hike together? This is one of the best Valentine’s day ideas since the outdoors are quiet, beauty, and beyond serene.

10. Dinner at Home

Looking for a Valentine’s Day idea but you do not want to leave the house? Make a home cooked meal instead. If you happen to be an excellent chef, why not show off your cooking skills? Make your boyfriend or girlfriend their favorite meal on Valentine’s Day. You can find a recipe for nearly anything on Pinterest, including copycat recipes. Also, if you want to get fancy, light a few candles!

Do you have any Valentine’s day ideas for college students that you would like to share? Please leave a comment down below!
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Marisa DelFarno

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