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Cheap Things To Do Around Suffolk University When You’re Broke AF

Cheap Things To Do Around Suffolk University When You’re Broke AF

If you're a student at Suffolk University then chances are that you can relate to these 20 things! Read on to see how many you relate to!

Balling on a budget is tough, but balling on a college budget can seem nearly impossible sometimes. Luckily when attending Suffolk University, and the city of Boston is your campus, some of the local spots take this into consideration. With a little bit of creativity and a nice college discount there are still plenty of things to fill your time, even if you are ballin’ on that college budget. There are tons of cheap things to do around Suffolk.


Enjoy the view: 

Sounds cliché I know, but Boston is beautiful and the view is free! Stroll the esplanade, take a lap in the Public Gardens or walk Beacon Hill! You could spend an entire day just taking in the sights that surround Suffolk. Everyone’s Instagram feed could benefit from the scenic view right?

Museum of Fine Arts: 

The first weekend of every month is free. If you have an active Bank of America credit or debit card; it’s an advertised secret! One of the educational but cheap things to do around Suffolk. 

Boston Red Sox: 

Baseball season is right around the corner and nothing goes better with crackerjacks than a major discount – am I right? A majority of colleges in the Boston area offer great discounted tickets. Besides, there really isn’t such a thing as a bad seat in Fenway. This makes for a great date night with Bae too! Check out the schedule here.

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Movie night: 

Grab the popcorn [for half price down the street] and head down to the AMC Theatre! Located right across from Boston Common, about 5 minutes from campus, bring your student ID and get 2 bucks off your ticket. With snacks included you can hit the town for less than $15! 


One of the best ‘not so secret secrets’ in the city, Haymarket is the THE place to get your grocery shopping done. I’ve been a loyal weekly visitor for the past 4 years. If you’re trying to eat healthy on a budget, this really is the only place to go; meat, fish, nuts, cheese [the cheese guy also makes a mean sandwich], produce and fruits for days. Open Friday and Saturday, dawn to dusk, you could make a day of this if you wanted to. Even Trader Joe’s on a Wednesday can’t beat this selection.

What are some of your favorite cheap things to do around Suffolk? Let us know in the comments below!
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