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Cheap Things From Target That Will Make You Feel More Put Together In College

College may be stressful, and it’s easy to become overloaded and lose sight of time. These budget-friendly Target essentials will help you look and feel more put-together and motivated in college!

1. Planners

First up on our list of Target essentials is one of the most important ones that will guarantee to make you feel more put together in college: A planner. Having a planner will help you in a very wide variety of ways, and they are easy to find in all sorts of designs, colors, and sizes depending on where you want to keep yours! Some people may prefer a large one for their desk, and others may opt for a smaller one to keep in their bag. Either way, a planner will allow you to look at important upcoming events, remind yourself of what needs to get done during the day, and overall will help you feel more organized and in control of your hectic schedule. 

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2. Vitamin C Eye Patches

We all know that college is stressful and can lead us to not get enough sleep or Vitamin C, which is why the next item on our list of Target essentials will help all of us out. Vitamin C eye patches will help brighten, hydrate and improve the appearance of our sleepy under eye area by intensely moisturizing and refreshing that part of our face. These are very easy to throw on while resting or doing schoolwork, and they’ll instantly help you feel more put-together as you indulge in self-care to feel more refreshed and ready to take on your tasks. 

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3. Jade Roller

Another one of our Target essentials that will help you feel more put together by focusing on self-care is a handy dandy jade roller. These fancy devices serve the purpose of boosting the blood circulation in your face, reduce swelling, and are as effective as any form of facial massages when done correctly. Doing this first thing in the morning will help you not only look and feel more awake and fresh, but it will also make you feel more put-together because you will have started the day off on a positive note by doing something beneficial for yourself in the morning!

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4. Insta-Dri Nail Polish

It is a known fact that having your nails done will immediately make you feel more put together, which is why next up on our Target essentials is an affordable nail polish brand that all college students need to invest in! It can be difficult to find the time (or money) to frequently go to a salon to get our nails done in college, but we still deserve to have a fresh manicure every couple of weeks to make us feel more put together. If you are like us, then you also find it difficult to do your own nails without losing patience and chipping them before they dry. The perfect solution for this problem is to opt for Insta-Dri Nail Polish which is known as the #1 quick-dry polish; this brand is guaranteed to dry in 60 seconds and can be found at Target in dozens of colors for less than ten dollars. 

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5. Matching Reusable Bowls

We are sure that you have seen these plastic bowls and plates all over TikTok, and that is because they are trending for good reason. These matching reusable bowls are on our list of Target basics to help you feel more put together because they are not only inexpensive and practical for snacking in your dorm, but they will also make you feel more put together because matching them will give your dorm room an orderly atmosphere.

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6. White Boards

Another item on our list of Target essentials that will make you feel more put together is white boards. These are another super affordable and easy way to organize your space and your head; writing out your events of the month on something big and easy to see will help remind you of important upcoming dates. You may also want to use magnets to put other important things on the white board such as paper tickets, important paperwork, extra reminders, or even a few pictures of your friends! A white board calendar or just a plain white board is easy to personalize in any way necessary that will help you keep track of your busy life.

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7. A Cute Laundry Basket

Keeping your dorm room organized is a vital component that comes with all of these Target essentials that will make you feel more put together, which will help you feel ten times better. Although the easiest thing to do is throw your dirty clothes all over the place, we all know that is not a good idea! Instead, opt for a laundry basket from Target that you can personalize to fit the theme of your dorm, and so that you have a place to throw your dirty clothes in.

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8. Closet Organizer

Next up on our list of Target essentials is a closet organizer; Target has plenty of different organizers that are perfect for storing all of your belongings in a convenient and practical way. Some examples include a shoe organizer to hang on one side of the closet door or organizers that come with shelves and pockets. These are vital items to keep in mind when shopping for your dorm room because they will help you keep your closet organized and therefore your mindset organized!

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9. Desk Organizers

In terms of organizers, desk organizers are also a crucial part of our Target essentials list. These can be used for organizing a wide variety of things such as your school supplies, skincare products, hair products, and even your makeup! You will therefore be able to keep track of your everyday products or school essentials and you are also able to ensure that you still have plenty of space on your desk to do homework or get ready for a night out.

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10. Storage Bins

Last but certainly not least on our list of Target essentials that will help you feel more put together in college: Storage bins. Although these are sort of a given, we feel it is necessary to bring them up time and time again because of how much you will thank yourself for bringing them. You will be using these storage bins in a plethora of different ways ranging from storage for school supplies, shoes, clothing, food, cleaning products, etc.! There is no limit to not only what you put in them but also where you store them. You can easily place these under your bed or even in a closet! Plus, you can find these in practically any color so that they match the theme of your dorm and they are also easy to find for affordable prices at Target.

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We hope that you take inspiration from our list of suggestions of cheap things from Target that will make you feel more put together in college in order to help you organize your space and your mind for a better year! What’s on your Target list? Let us know below!

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