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Cheap Summer Vacation Destinations For Your Early 20s

Cheap Summer Vacation Destinations For Your Early 20s

Traveling in your early twenties can be the most exciting time of your life. Immersing yourself in a new culture, trying new delicacies, and filling your passport with multiple stamps. This is the dream of many twenty-something-year-olds. Finding affordable options is what hinders these dreams from being fulfilled. No more will this be the case. You want to travel the world without losing an arm and a leg? Keep reading to discover some cheap summer vacation destinations.

1. Jamaica

Jamaica is widely known for its beautiful beach destinations, many of which have been developed into major tourist attractions. The island is a keynote to the Caribbean. There are many local dancehalls and museums just waiting for you to explore.

Also, Jamaica has a very saturated history in the slave trade which is a feature of many of the Maroon communities and museums on the island. My experience in Jamaica was amazing. The humidity that filled the air made me anxious for the refreshing ocean breeze.

If you decide to visit Jamaica, the Bob Marley Museum would be a cool experience. For me, learning about Bob Marley was a key moment in visiting Jamaica. Visiting the sugar cane fields and the factory where the magic happens was one of the most interesting tours of the trip.

Plus, I left with lots of sugar can in my bag.  The beef patties, don’t worry vegetarians they have veggie patties, are amazing for such a low price. While driving on the roads there are people here and there selling all sorts of fruits. Do yourself a favor and grab a bag or two because they are fresh and quite delicious.

You will enjoy this island because it stands as one of the few cheap summer vacation destinations and the quality experience you will obtain is one for you to archive.

Cheap Summer Vacation Destinations For Your Early 20s

2. New Orleans

If you are not partying in your twenties well then…*awkwardly looks away*

New Orleans is one of the cheapest summer vacation destinations, especially when strolling the city for some live entertainment. It is known for being a huge tourist attraction as people are intrigued by the history and culture that the city exerts.

Amongst some of the more lively events and activities, like bar hopping, are some more subtle and quiet things to do in the city. You could people-watch in the French Quarter or view some of the city’s most illustrious homes in the Garden District.

The cultural dishes and cuisines are legendary. You will find many restaurants in the heart of the city that caters to your dietary needs.

No matter what you decide to do, you will not spend the lot of your wallet.

Cheap Summer Vacation Destinations For Your Early 20s

3. The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon, one of the cheapest summer vacation destination, is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Camping fees are well within the range of affordability as well. Take a tour to visit different parts of the canyon taking in the view every step of the way. The natural scenery of the canon will have you in awe.

The weather is typically in high spirits. The perfect weather for boating, hiking, and biking.  There are indoor retreats and various trails that are awaiting your presence.

Now, they won’t leave you to starve up at the Canyon so there are a few restaurants that service tourists during their visit, supplying all of your meals.

Whether you go to the Grand Canyon for a few hours or decide to hitch a tent for a couple of nights, you will leave with some bomb photos.

Cheap Summer Vacation Destinations For Your Early 20s

4. Bali

Bali is definitely one of the best cheap summer vacation destinations today. The hotels, hostel, apartments, other lodging options are lower than $20 per night.

Stepping outside your door will instantly immerse you in the culture of Indonesia. The scenery provides awesome panoramic pictures and the experience of a lifetime.

Maybe you want to fully immerse yourself in the culture and decided to go on a cultural tour of the island. Learn the history of the island and how it has come to be as it is now. There are day tours to allow you the opportunity to explore the most secret parts of the island.

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Want something more fun?

Take a snorkeling tour dive at the local beach or participate in the many water sports offered. If you’re looking something to get your adrenaline rushing, try the jungle swing. Many tourists are attracted to one of the most famous parks on the island, the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. The monkeys are free to roam and pose no danger to you, rest assured.

Bali has many secrets tucked away for you to discover on your visit.

Cheap Summer Vacation Destinations For Your Early 20s

5. Thailand

Have a thing for Buddhist temples, captivating jungles, and turquoise cliffs? Well, Thailand seems like one of the best cheap summer vacation destinations for you.

Looks can be quite deceiving as the beauty and luxury Thailand exerts appears to be on the higher end of spending but this country is extremely affordable.

Want to learn how to make many of the cultural cuisines Thailand has to offer? Take a cooking class in Chiang Mai, which lasts all day. After learning the cooking styles of Thailand, maybe participate in a boat tour or tale a tour of the magnificent temples within the country.

The list of attractions does not end as Thailand has a lot to offer in the way of tourism. The many nature and wildlife areas will blow your mind to the heavens. Once you enjoy the city for a couple of days, settle down with the calming beach scenery.

For such a huge experience as one of the cheap summer vacation destinations, Thailand is not pulling any punches when it comes to providing its tourists with the best of experiences.

Cheap Summer Vacation Destinations For Your Early 20s

There you have it folks, five of the few cheap summer vacation destinations. These destinations will fuel, as well as satisfy, your creative and adventurous needs. But you will still want more! What are some amazing cheap summer vacation destinations you can’t get off your mind?

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