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6 Cheap Meals You Can Make At Home

6 Cheap Meals You Can Make At Home

6 Cheap Meals You Can Make At Home

When you’re on a budget or a university student, cheap meals are your best friend. Here are some brilliant cheap meal ideas so next time you’re in a need of a cheap and fast meal this will be one to go to.

6 Cheap Meals You Can Make At Home

1. Pasta Bake

Pasta is the best thing when you’re wanting something that will fill you up fast and maybe even something you can eat for lunch the next day. Pasta Bake is quick and easy and once you’ve smashed it into the oven all you have to do is wait for you cheesy, tomatoey heaven to be finished. I would recommend this if you’re on the go a lot, especially with school because you can cook this and take it with you.

2. Spaghetti Bolonegse 

Spag Bol is a classic, and if you’re not a fan then there’s something wrong with you. When you’re confused if you want something meaty or if you want pasta then this is the dish for you. I mean, can you go wrong? You can even mix it up by adding in some garlic bread to keep your carbie life on the go. Carbs are the key to the soul.

3. Mac N Cheese

Do you love Cheese as much as Wallace? “Cheeeese, Gromit!” Cheesy pasta is the best. Mac N Cheese is a great dish for cheese lovers and it’s so easily made. If you’re feeling adventurous you can even add in some bacon to spice it up a little bit, and then you’ll have the cheesiest bacon pasta you can possibly create. You can’t go wrong with Mac N Cheese and maybe if you load yourself up with pasta you won’t be crying over your assignments, you’ll be celebrating them with fooood. We stan a queen who loves cheap meals!

6 Cheap Meals You Can Make At Home

4. Fish Finger Sandwiches

If you’ve never had a fish finger sandwich, then you’re living a deprived lifestyle. We stan a queen that can eat a loaded fish finger sandwich. Mix it with whatever sauce you love, maybe mayo, tartare, or even ketchup. Re-live your childhood with something as simplistic as fish fingers and then smack it onto a sandwich and the world is your oyster. This is really filling so you won’t need more than one small sandwich, or maybe a wrap to lessen the heaviness of it if you’re having a busy day. But this for lunch, will set you up for your entire day as you’ll feel satisfied for a while.

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5. Cheese Burgers

They don’t exactly have to be cheese burgers, but burgers are a perfect and easy dinner idea. You cannot go wrong with burgers, and they’re a favourite. Burgers for dinner is a great way to make your mind wander to summer, mentally prepping yourself for those summer BBQs to come. If you’re not a bread fan, maybe have the burger without the bun and still indulge.

These are the greatest cheap meal ideas for when you’re struggling to budget or maybe if you’re just in a rush. They’re all quick and easy recipes that can be made from the love of your own kitchen. Forget cheap meals, these are heavenly ones!Get yourself into that kitchen, and rustle up some of these amazing and quick things that can keep your stomach going when you’re having some hectic things going on. Whether it be work, university, or just plain life. Nothing a big of pasta or a good burger will not fix to take your mind of it. Did you find these suggestions useful? If so, tell me which ones where you favourite. If you have some recommendations. Cheap meals are the way forward!

6 Cheap Meals You Can Make At Home

Which cheap meals will you try? Tell us in the comments below!
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